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Exploring the past and future of climate, culture with National Geographic

(03/06/19 6:04am)

National Geographic visited Grounds Friday and Saturday to offer workshops and lectures focused on scientific and cultural topics, environmental resilience and storytelling. These events gave students the opportunity to practice forming and sharing stories, as well as learn about the impacts of climate change.   

Track and field spotlight: Jordan Scott and Bridget Guy

(03/07/19 3:33am)

Junior Jordan Scott and senior Bridget Guy have been essential to the success of Virginia’s track and field program. Both Scott and Guy, along with junior transfer Brenton Foster, recently qualified for the 2019 NCAA Indoor Championships in Birmingham, Ala. Both athletes have ambitious goals for their future, which they are positioned to achieve. Here is a glimpse into their backgrounds, track careers, interests and motivations, along with a review of their accomplishments thus far.

Formula one RuPaul drag racing

(03/06/19 1:56am)

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” is back for an 11th season, and the series shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The show has moved past breaking into the mainstream — it has infiltrated popular culture in many ways, from season three queen Shangela snagging a role in “A Star is Born” (2018) to Valentina from season nine playing Angel Dumont in the Fox television production “Rent: Live” in late January. The show is helping to launch superstars in the making, all the while entertaining the masses. In the season 11 premiere on Feb. 28, Mother Ru continues to give viewers a number of reasons to keep tuning in. Yet despite seasons filled with gag-worthy looks, lip sync battles and juicy drama, the show needs some tweaking to prevent itself from becoming predictable.

EDITORIAL: Trump dishonors Otto Warmbier’s memory

(03/05/19 3:38am)

After meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un last week, President Donald Trump stated that he has decided to take Kim “at his word” when he claimed to not know about the regime’s premeditated torture and killing of Otto Warmbier. Trump felt the need to elaborate on Kim’s alleged remorse for Otto’s death, contending that Kim “felt badly about it.” Clearly an  unforgivable excuse for the indisputable murder of a 22-year-old American student, Kim must be held accountable for his clear knowledge of the incident at the time of its occurrence. The fact that our president has decided to believe a dictator rather than honor Warmbier's memory is deeply disrespectful and reasonably calls into question Trump's judgement. 

Virginia strong safety Juan Thornhill excels at the NFL Combine

(03/05/19 3:41am)

Former Virginia strong safety Juan Thornhill impressed spectators and scouts with a strong performance at the NFL Combine Monday, held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, In. Held from Feb. 26 to March 4, the Combine is an invite-only showcase of the some of the best players entering the NFL Draft, who undergo a series of physical and mental tests in front of NFL coaches, general managers and scouts.

GREENBERG: The Jefferson Literary and Debating Society should apologize for its past

(03/08/19 6:34pm)

The Jefferson Literary and Debating Society is a University contracted independent organization which presides in Hotel C, West Range. Its purpose is to encourage intellectual diversity in its members as well as the Charlottesville community. Despite this goal, it rarely acknowledges its problematic history regarding its past involvement in racial politics. The Jefferson Society's refusal to acknowledge and rectify mistakes in its past demonstrates the need for institutional reform.

KUKOSKI: End the tampon tax

(03/06/19 2:19am)

Individuals who menstruate pay more to live their daily lives than those who do not. On average, women, non-binary and transgender individuals who menstruate spend 2,353 days — or seven years — on their period. With the average box of tampons costing seven dollars, costs quickly add up. Over the course of a lifetime, individuals who menstruate spend nearly $1,800 on tampons alone, not including other costs associated with menstruation, such as birth-control, midol and pads. In addition to tampons and other necessities of menstruation comes a hefty sales tax. 

President Ryan announces new lawn rooms to be added and filled by application

(03/08/19 1:49am)

Living on the Lawn is the quintessential U.Va. experience. As many of you know, lawn room decisions for the 2019-2020 school year were released recently. I’m sure you’ve heard the statistics — 2 percent of applicants from the pool were selected, the average GPA was 72, and approximately 89 percent of successful applicants got tickets to the Duke game. 

YOWELL: U.Va. is too elitist

(03/07/19 2:12am)

Currently sitting on a $9.5 billion endowment, the University earns a spot in the top five wealthiest public colleges in the United States. This outrageous wealth has fostered an environment of elites with a silver spoon in their mouth, believing the community owes them more than they owe it. As a result, the institution, its money and its students are failing to give back to the greater Charlottesville community and to itself. Thus, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, the University has allowed students to bask in their own imagined glory.

Vegetable and carb load in one go-to pasta recipe

(03/07/19 2:18am)

As a self-identified foodie, I am all for going out to eat and trying intriguing new dishes. I’m not one to pass up dinner with friends on the Corner, at the Downtown Mall or even on the outskirts of Charlottesville if it means delectable food. If my friends want to test a new restaurant, I’m their go-to dining partner — except on Thursday nights. Anyone who knows me knows that in my kitchen Thursday night means pasta night.