Jun 27, 2017

EDEL: Save our suites

Post-renovations, the University administration plans to “take down or demolish” Courtenay, Dunglison and Fitzhugh to make room for new dormitories in the vein of existing hall-style Alderman Road ones. After that, the last first year suite-style dorm on Grounds will be Gooch-Dillard. As a current Dunglison resident, I find this prospect disconcerting.
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Galleries and Multimedia

RUSSO: Diversify the Academy

The only solution is to eliminate this stipulation and allow for members of the Hollywood community to apply and be judged based only on their body of ...
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HARRINGTON: Read the review

Unlike Khan, I trust myself less to choose a quality piece that will give me an enjoyable first impression than I trust experts or public success.
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KHAN: Leave the lecture hall

Many of the University's lecture halls have become places of passive learning, where professors simply dump powerpoint presentations on students and hope ...
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A gross oversight

Over the past decade, the NCAA has brought sanctions against many historic programs such as University of Southern California, University of Miami and ...
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