KELLY: Safeguarding neutrality

Without strong enforcement of the principles of net neutrality, students and faculty alike will inevitably have to pay fees to receive prioritized transmission of the University’s content and services.
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Galleries and Multimedia

PATEL: A compulsory vote

The Athenians had a form of a compulsory voting and today 10 countries have mandatory voting, including Australia, Argentina and Brazil.
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WILLIAMS: Free from blame

Some might demand that students stay in their rooms at night; that they refrain from substances; that they wear more “appropriate” attire; that they ...
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BERNSTEIN: Logical expectations

It is natural to wonder how, in the aftermath of a tragedy, we may have prevented the event ? but we must approach such a question rationally, and ...
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MENNINGER: Privilege fully earned

Mandatory practice schedules, typically ranging between the hours of 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., force student athletes to cram their entire class schedules into ...
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