WHISNANT: A long time coming

Rather than being an isolated incident of poor policing or just a side-effect of giving cops ever more dangerous weapons, Michael Brown’s shooting can be traced to systemic changes in American life beginning half a century ago.
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SPINKS: Better representation

Having a more diverse faculty can “spread the wealth” in terms of academic opportunities. Currently, the majority of tenured professors at institutions ...
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KELLY: Do your part

In light of the events of this summer, it is as good a time as any to underscore the serious responsibility that our generation bears in forging an eco-friendly ...
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HARRINGTON: Stuck in the friend zone

If a student is able to recognize their personal responsibility to say something to a new acquaintance in distress, the program’s advice may seem inapplicable. ...
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EILERMAN: Let’s talk about Molly

Until there are programs in place that focus on risk and benefit analysis, there will always be another drug that pulls in young adults who could be swayed ...
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