Roommate relationships

In recent weeks there has been a quiz circulating my Facebook news feed. While only a handful of “Facebook-but-not-real-life-friends,” as I like to call them, took the quiz, it nonetheless caught my attention. 
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Silver and old

My childhood was full of oft-repeated clichés. This may explain my overly optimistic spirit and tendency to end advice-filled monologues to friends with ...
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The language barrier

I am proud to announce since my arrival on Grounds, I’ve become bilingual. And while I would never want to detract from the strength of the language ...
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Confronting failure

As much as I’ve matured since beginning my journey at the University — especially in recognizing my own worth — I still struggle to forgive ...
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Baby steps

In Stephen King’s memoir On Writing, King compares the process of crafting long works of fiction to “crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a bathtub.” ...
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