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The joys of ironic exercise

It is not an infrequent sight to spy me on the elliptical for a brisk 44 minutes. If you’d like to marvel at my lack of grace on low impact gym equipment, I’m most fond of the Aquatic and Fitness Center.
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No love for No Doubt

My friends and I sit around a table at Newcomb, listening to Lance Bass throw his career away as he announces the next hit pop song from 2006.
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Halloween all year

Today is Friday – and not just any Friday, Halloween. This coincidence has created immense joy for many University students before the clock strikes ...
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Dear Mom

The contents of my mailbox tend to be immediately discarded. I don’t read the flyers or the announcements that often have nothing to do with me.
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To be or not to be...happy

In my college journey thus far, I’ve learned that we tend to think of things in the moment rather than view the master plan. We think one bad grade ...
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