Strength in numbers

At the ends of the emails she sends students in response to tragedy, University President Teresa Sullivan typically emphasizes how we must “come together as a community.” Though this advice seems appropriate in theory, in practice it is difficult for people to cultivate an environment in which they share complex emotions without fear of judgment or imposition.
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Cycles of stress

Asking someone how he or she is doing is a pretty standard part of any conversation. Whether it comes as an effort to catch up with a distant friend over ...
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The two-part winter season

As we wind down the fall semester and temperatures begin to drop, students everywhere begin to accept the harsh reality of the changing seasons.
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Rethinking mental health

For many reasons, I am not comfortable with the idea that reducing the stigma behind mental health starts with equating mental illness with physical illness. ...
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Qualms and questions

The phrase “we, the people” implies a populants of a society are inherently interconnected. Coined by our forefathers, the words link the people of ...
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