Top 10 movies of 2014

This has been an excellent year for film, offering everything from gripping blockbusters to innovative personal films.
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Iggy Azalea is “Reclassified”

It has become common practice among music artists to repackage their albums in an effort to simultaneously boost single sales and dish out new content ...
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“Listen” to David Guetta

David Guetta cemented his status as one of the world’s premiere DJs with the release of his last album, “Nothing But The Beat.” His latest studio ...
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  • HallieJane said:

    Dear Cavalier Daily: Where on God's green earth have you been. No one was in a better position to discover Jackie was lying - Was there a party that ...
    on Students produce video thanking Jackie

  • NycCav said:

    Honestly...I have refrained from commenting as the CD is for the students as far as I am concerned (as an alum), but please stop embarrassing yourselves. ...
    on Students produce video thanking Jackie

  • Pat said:

    Letting outside reporters like TR Shapiro come in and do circles around the CD and its staff in its own backyard is one thing; being unable to even acknowledge ...
    on Students produce video thanking Jackie

  • Uva_reader said:

    The students who produced this video need to familiarize themselves with the Honor Code, which calls for students who lie to be punished, not thanked. ...
    on Students produce video thanking Jackie

  • JG said:

    Translation of William Evan's world view: "If its not something worthwhile and beneficial to me personally, I have no problem calling for its destruction ...
    on The Cavalier Daily :: EVANS: Gleaning meaning

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