Flo Overfelt


"MacGyver" needs less Bond, more chewing gum

“MacGyver” (2016) isn’t really “MacGyver” (1985). The MacGyver of 1985 wore jeans and tennis shoes, never used a gun and occasionally stole a kiss from the damsel in distress.

​“Damn Country Music” is just that

If there’s one thing country music knows, it’s love songs. Whether it’s loving that pretty girl from down in the city, your high school sweetheart or just plain old loving your momma, country has you covered.

Tom Breihan returns to OpenGrounds for another spirited music talk

Acclaimed Pitchfork reviewer and Stereogum editor Tom Breihan visited OpenGrounds last Tuesday for a fireside chat on the current state of the music industry — a topic which traversed Taylor Swift, indie band drama and the future of rap music. The event was put together by University Programs Council, and marked Breihan’s second visit to the University.

Greg Ward brings Cville together with homemade rhythms

Friday afternoons are a sort of limbo time for University students ? it's too early to go out, the motivation to do work was lost somewhere closer to Tuesday and the call of Netflix is stronger than ever.Boylan Heights on the Corner may have found a solution to Friday fatigue: reggae guitarist and vocalist Greg Ward.