Stephanie Hendarta


Mystery Thriller Novel Strives to Help Sexual Violence Survivors

Set in a small, fictional Massachusetts town, Tom Lukas’ “Special Operations” claims to be “a thriller that could save a life.” The novel follows old-fashioned, no-nonsense First Detective Nick Giaccone as he tries to understand the twisted mind of the Illuminator, a war-veteran-nurse-turned-vigilante. Giaccone is about to retire when the Illuminator appears in sleepy Goddard, Mass.

The Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival feeds body and mind

Back for a successful 18th year, the Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival arrived with two simple goals: to spread the word about the benefits of plant-based diets and to teach the community ways to reconcile a modern lifestyle with the health of our planet.

“The Maze Runner” Exceeds Genre’s Expectations

A thrilling novel-to-movie adaptation reminiscent of literary staples “Lord of the Flies” and “Peter Pan,” “The Maze Runner” is more than just another installment in the mediocre young adult dystopian franchise.

‘Masters of Sex’ becomes more masterful in second season

Showtime's provocative period drama “Masters of Sex” continues to follow the story of real-life sex researchers Bill Masters (played by the charismatic Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan). The show, now in its second season, affords these characters with less nudity and more character development than previous episodes allowed.