Alexis Gravely


Hillary Clinton talks sexism in politics in speech at U.Va.

“The more professionally successful a man is, the more likeable he is,” Clinton said. “The more professionally successful a woman is — not so much. This has been proven over and over again. It’s still kind of depressing to think about.”

调查显示:州长候选人Ralph Northam在U.Va支持率超过Ed Gillespie

距离佛吉尼亚州长竞选投票日还有一周,19%的学生称他们仍不确定支持哪位候选人。据Cavalier Daily调查显示,53%的调查者表示他们将投给民主党候选人Ralph Northam,19%的调查者表示他们将投给共和党候选人Ed Gillespie,4%支持自由意志党候选人Cliff Hyra.