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Highlighting 1999's highs and lows

IT'S getting to be that time of year again -- the season when snowflakes begin to dust the bare branches of trees, sparkling lights decorate houses and shopping centers, and everyone is overtaken by the spirit of giving -- and buying. It's The Cavalier Daily's last week of the semester and my last chance to speak my mind for a long while. So although I'm a whole month early, I'm going to take this opportunity to compose an In/Out list for the year of 1999.

I know it's the end of the millenium and that's what most people will focus on at the end of this year. But I couldn't possibly construct a list including the last 1,000 years -- plus, I don't want this year to be forgotten altogether amidst the millenium hype. So here they are: my compliments, criticisms and recommendations.

In: Registering for classes on ISIS online.

Out: Hearing the ISIS man say that "the course you have requested ... is closed."

In: Streaking the Lawn, a timeless University tradition.

Out: Vomiting a fifth of liquor onto the Lawn after the last home football game of the year, a tradition that it's time to end.

In: "Toy Story 2" -- a flawlessly crafted movie featuring the irresistible Woody, Jessie and Bullseye, which is hilarious and maybe even better than the first one.

Out: "Pokémon: The First Movie" -- a movie that even my nine-year-old, Pokémon-crazed brother thought was dumb. Hopefully this first movie will be the last.

In: Being given two breaks from class (fall and Thanksgiving) in one semester.

Out: Scheduling the last exam day five days before Christmas, stranding some students for two extra days while University Housing forces all their friends to go home.

In: Living in the state where you're running for political office.

Out: Letting money determine who receives the Republican nomination for the 2000 presidential election.

In: Having a talented U.Va. men's basketball team this season that's capable of winning a bunch of games.

Out: Virginia Tech winning the Sugar Bowl.

In: Planting vegetation around Old Dorms -- a task that is finally done.

Out: Fixing the steps that are crumbling and rusting away at Lambeth apartments -- a job currently showing no progress.

In: Counting Crows' newly released album, "This Desert Life."

Out: Songs by Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Ricky Martin and all other pop artists.

In: Ordering delivery from College Inn and Panda Garden.

Out: Hoo's Hungry's policy of not delivering french fries or slices of pizza.

In: Chatting on-line with far-away friends and doing research over the Internet.

Out: Forcing University students to take computer literacy classes.

In: Driving home for winter break to see your family.

Out: Being stopped by a police officer on Route 29 on the way to see your family.

In: Keeping Clemons library open 24 hours a day.

Out: Waiting 45 minutes to be picked up by University Escort Service.

In: Wild and crazy New Year's millenium parties.

Out: People going crazy on New Year's because they think that the world is about to end.

In: Finding an apartment or house off-Grounds to share with your friends next year.

Out: Relying on University Housing for a place to live and then being split up from your friends and stuck in your last-choice location.

In: Lowering in-state tuition.

Out: Accepting students to the University because they're rich.

In: Having an individual sense of style.

Out: New Balance shoes, khakis and backwards baseball hats -- oh wait, I wouldn't want the frat boys to be left without clothing in the New Year.

In: Spring semester at the University.

Out: Going to classes during spring semester at the University.

Well folks, that's the end. Enjoy the frenzied, cheerful atmosphere of the next month, and check out the more official versions of In/Out lists on New Year's Day to see how I measure up. Happy holidays, good luck with exams, and talk to you again in January.

(Jennifer Schaum is an associate editor for The Cavalier Daily.)


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