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Jennifer Schaum

Honor students' right to vote on retraction

THE HONOR Committee needs to get back in touch with students. Less than a year after students soundly rejected the Honor Committee's proposed changes to the way trials work, Honor representatives now have voted not to place a referendum on the ballot for this spring's elections.

More Yay Than Boo

IT'S NO surprise that ... oops, let me try again. It's no secret ... well, as my MB knows, it's no secret that after a year of edit writing, all my opinions start to sound the same.

Quirky family traditions add spice to season

FOR THOSE of you who are really on top of your Christmas tunes, I lifted this line right out of a Raffi song: "Christmas time's a'comin' and I know I'm going home." And while "Deck the Halls" and "Jingle Bells" also are parts of my Christmas repertoire, it is the quirky, not-so-universal traditions, those unique to my family, that provide this holiday with its comfort and joy. Raffi is just one of the endless cycle of cassette tapes my mom plays - yes, she still plays it, along with "We Sing Christmas" - as we decorate cookies and the tree.

Attending to the little things

THERE are definitely things I wish I'd known at the start of my first year at the University. I'm not talking about earth-shattering revelations or what the college experience has taught me on some deep level -- that's unique to each individual, and you'll have to make those discoveries for yourself.

Highlighting 1999's highs and lows

IT'S getting to be that time of year again -- the season when snowflakes begin to dust the bare branches of trees, sparkling lights decorate houses and shopping centers, and everyone is overtaken by the spirit of giving -- and buying.

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