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Delta Sigma restarts recruiting process

The Alpha Mu chapter of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity currently is recruiting new members after November hazing incidents left the fraternity with a depleted membership.

The fraternity, which never lost its standing with the Inter-Fraternity Council, looks to surpass a potentially damaging point in its 83-year history at the University.

"We want to be a social organization that has its values properly aligned -- that doesn't haze," Delta Sigma Phi Treasurer James Marshall said.

Recruitment is the next step in the fraternity's reorganization process, which current members hope will revive Delta Sigma Phi's presence at the University.

Delta Sigma Phi was suspended by its national Grand Council in November after a hazing incident concluded with two independent investigations by the University and the Grand Council.

The Grand Council called for an immediate reorganization of the local chapter when it suspended its charter.

The national office either expelled, suspended or retained Alpha Mu chapter members when reorganizing the fraternity's local chapter.

"Some of the former members [were] allowed to continue as active members of the fraternity," said Aaron Laushway, assistant dean of students and director of fraternity and sorority life.

The national office could not be reached for comment.

Once completed, Delta Sigma Phi underwent a four-week re-education process conducted by its national office, during which the fraternity shortened its pledge process from over a semester to eight weeks.

The re-education "let people know what the fraternity is about," Marshall said. We learned "to build your chapter the way you want to build it while being constructive."

After the re-education process was complete, the chapter quickly entered the recruitment phase.

As the first step in its recruitment, Delta Sigma Phi withdrew from IFC's formal rush, opting to hold its own recruitment after IFC bids were handed out.

"Once the bids were offered ... then Delta Sigma Phi continued with their own recruitment," Laushway said.

IFC is supportive of the fraternity's efforts to rebuild.

"The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi have worked hard to address the issues facing their fraternity and they are working to correct them," IFC President David Bowman said. "The IFC is confident in their efforts."

Recruitment will continue on an "informal" basis throughout the semester with weekly rush events.

Delta Sigma Phi currently has 19 members and looks to grow quickly