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The Cavalier Daily will implement a new feedback feature on its Web site

Yesterday the managing board outlined its goals for the coming term, one of which was connecting with our readers. The Cavalier Daily is committed to achieving this goal and will begin by implementing a new way to connect with readers today on our Web site, something we call ‘feedback for the editor.’ This is a two-week trial run which will allow The Cavalier Daily to feel out new ways for readers to respond to current content and suggest new content.

This year, The Cavalier Daily will conduct a readership survey, a formal survey measuring reader response to content. In addition to the readership survey, it is possible for readers to post public comments on our online articles. These forms of feedback, while informative, are entirely reactionary and as far as new content is concerned, do little to provide direction. We would like to see different kinds of feedback, not only suggestions for improving current features and columns, but also ideas for new types of articles, columns, weekly features or even entirely new sections that readers might be interested in seeing.

This new feature will be for suggestions intended only for the eyes of the editors, unlike the public comments and letters to the editor, which are eligible for publication. A link will be available at the bottom of each article tomorrow and every weekday for the next two weeks for readers to send in feedback. The feedback form will be very similar to the current form for letters to the editor and will require no registration, making it simple for anyone to send in ideas.

This is only the first of The Cavalier Daily’s initiatives for increasing the connection with our readership. After the two-week trial period, The Cavalier Daily will set additional goals and seek to expand our content based on where our readers think we are lacking. We hope that this new venue for feedback will allow readers to play a more active role in The Cavalier Daily. Our most comprehensive form of feedback will be the readership survey which will take place later this spring. As we stated yesterday, The Cavalier Daily serves the University community and can do this best when we know more about what readers want. This first initiative begins a year-long process of increasing our readership connection.


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