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Somewhere, but not there

What can be better than being a University student on a beautiful fall football Saturday, especially against a ranked conference opponent. Well, there are probably a lot of answers, but one of them is most certainly not going to the game.

Let us talk about this past Saturday. At kickoff, there were maybe 300 students in the student section and the grassy end zone. By halftime, the lower deck section was practically full, but the upper deck and end zone were wide open. Ask those students who were there (if you can find one) how much fun it was to beat Miami and rush the field after the game.

I am way past being a student, but I will tell you all that you are missing a great experience, and that you will likely regret it years from now. I am not just talking about the game itself - the pre- and post-game experience is just as fun. As the teams (I am adding basketball as you all do not come to those games either) improve, who does not want to be there to see it? It is just great fun.

So students, get yourself out of bed on Saturdays and get to the game. It is one of the really good parts about being a student here at the University.\n\nFred Weinberg\nMedical Center Manager