President Sullivan's remarks regarding her reinstatement

Below are the full remarks given by President Teresa A. Sullivan following the Board of Visitors' decision to reinstate her:

Today the Board of Visitors has voted to reinstate me as the President of the University. I have asked Heywood Fralin, former Rector and senior member of the Board of Visitors, who introduced the resolution, to introduce me this afternoon.

I am grateful to the Visitors for this renewed opportunity, but more than that, I am grateful to them for the example they have given us in reconsidering and reversing their previous action. This is not a sign of weakness on their part, but a sign of strength and deliberation, and a good example to each of us.

As we know, Mr. Jefferson provides a perspective for every occasion, and I am reminded of his letter to James Warren after the election of 1800, in which he says, ?It is pleasant for those who have just escaped threatened shipwreck, to hail one another when landed in unexpected safety. (Letter to James Warren, Washington, March 21, 1801. From The Quotable Jefferson (John P. Kaminski, collector and editor), Princeton University Press, 2006: 296.)

Let me begin by acknowledging that everyone involved in recent events, from the Rector to entering first-year students, has been motivated by the goal of achieving what is best for the University of Virginia. When we differ as to means, we can openly discuss those differences, pool our knowledge and wisdom, and make better decisions - together. There is no time for residual hostility towards anyone perceived to have been on the other side of recent disagreements. We can go forward with what is best for the University only if we go forward together.

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