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Would-be abductor had 'rape kit' in car

Police find leash, duct tape, handcuffs in Beaulieu’s vehicle, newly released search warrants show

Runk Dining Hall employee Matthew Beaulieu had a dog leash, rope, duct tape, nylon restraints and handcuffs in his car and intended to hold his potential victim for several days, according to a signed affidavit and probable cause statement describing his attempted abduction of a University student Thursday evening.

Charlottesville police received a phone call from the victim shortly after the attack. She said her would-be abductor was a white male wearing a black mask and hooded shirt who tried to handcuff her and pull her into his car, according to the documents obtained by NBC29 Tuesday evening.

Charlottesville police apprehended Beaulieu on the Exit 120 ramp and took him into custody. Beaulieu told police he had been feeling lonely and angry following a break-up with his ex-girlfriend. He said he decided on the morning of the attack that he wanted to abduct a woman.

After the incident occurred, resident advisors in Gooch were notified through an email sent by the Gooch senior resident with a link to NBC29’s coverage of the incident, second-year Engineering student Lily Cartwright, a resident advisor in Gooch, said.

“Immediately a list of the guys that worked at Runk went through my head and for some reason it stuck on Matt,” Cartwright said. “If ever I was in there by myself, he would come by and sit with me. The conversations would always switch to how he had just broken up with his girlfriend and his tongue piercing.”

By Nov. 9, the day after the attack, Charlottesville police obtained a warrant to search Beaulieu’s car. Officers found a rape kit, which included duct tape, nylon restraints and handcuffs.

Resident advisors in the Alderman areas are reminding students to walk in groups rather than walk alone, Cartwright said. Gooch resident advisors offered a self-defense class Tuesday and will be offering another one in the Runk Green Room Friday.

Grace Hollis contributed to this report.