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Building the 'Things You Must Do Before You Graduate' list

Have you done everything?

<p>Getting the no. 1 ticket at Bodo's is one of the items on the list.</p>

Getting the no. 1 ticket at Bodo's is one of the items on the list.

Have you ever woken up at the crack of dawn to hike Humpback and see the first glimpse of the sunrise peek over the mountains? Have you ever nabbed the no. 1 ticket at Bodo’s? Seen the Purple Shadows on the Lawn?

Every year, the Fourth Year Trustees generate a “Things You Must Do Before You Graduate” list, a catalyst for fourth-years to capitalize on their remaining time and check off remaining items.

This year, the graduating class has worked to fill the 117 empty boxes lining the list. The number increases each year to coincide with the class’ graduation year, making the adventure unique to them.

2017 Fourth Year Trustees President and Engineering student Patrick Rice said members of the rising Fourth Year Trustees coordinate the list for their class. Though they recycle the popular and fundamental items, such as “Streak the Lawn,” they can also add new items to the list, satisfying the aspirations unique to each class.

The list becomes available the summer before their final year and Trustees circulate the list at class events. Though students’ levels of involvement and immersion vary, many make an effort to carry out the tradition. Some gather friends together to facilitate activities.

“You could technically do one of the items every other day, [in order to] fill out every box. People have had a good time this year and enjoyed engaging with it,” Rice said.

As the year comes to a close, the fourth-years have wrapped up their college experience and finished checking off their items.

Diane D’Costa, a Batten student and vice president of the Class of 2018 Trustees, said the list for next year’s graduating class is in the process of being developed.

“As the fourth-year council group, we’re hoping to get people exposed to these experiences, holding events and incentivizing people coming to these things, to ensure that people get as much out of their experience as possible,” D’Costa said.

D’Costa said she hopes it will provide common ground among her classmates, allowing them to enjoy their final year as a collective community embarking on a shared journey.

“It’s a great way to create a common experience among the many different things you can do, so that when you’re reflecting on your time at U.Va., you can reflect on getting up early to go hike Humpback or getting the first Bodo’s ticket,” D’Costa said. “It connects the members of our class and connects the community in general, creating that sense of community and common experience for members of the class.”