Top 10 things to do on the Lawn during spring

Spend time in our backyard


Spring is here, and it is time to venture outside and enjoy the season on the Lawn.

Christina Anton | Cavalier Daily

1. An Easter egg hunt

Easter is a highly-underrated holiday. It brings nothing but joy and candy into our lives. Who couldn’t use more of those things? In my house, Easter was a very big deal growing up and we had a hunt every year. I was very competitive — my brother didn’t stand a chance. This sounds a bit like a fairytale and in truth it was. The annual Easter egg hunt is now happily painted in my memory as the most important victory of my young life. 

I would like to carry this victory into my adult life, which is why I propose an Easter egg hunt on the Lawn. Sure, it’s pretty flat terrain with very few hiding places, but I have high hopes that the students of the University can accomplish this. Perhaps the A-school and E-school can team up and make it a challenge like no Easter egg hunter has yet to face. I for one was always disappointed that I didn’t get invited to the Easter egg hunt at the White House. It’s our time to top the White House. Let the games begin.

2. Enjoy the Pavilion Gardens

The gardens are rarely enjoyed due to the erratic weather that hinders most outdoor activity, but now that spring has arrived, perhaps the time has come to remove ourselves from the hibernation of winter and rejoin the outside world once more. Though I always feel a bit like I’m in someone else’s backyard when I go to the gardens, they’re incredibly idyllic. If you can avoid the bugs and feelings of trespassing, you’ll be golden.  

3. Sit on the steps of the Rotunda

As I often trudge across Grounds with my backpack that I swear is gaining weight, I pass by Tundie, remember where I am, smile for a moment and trudge off again. Being on the Lawn, in Tundie’s shadow, can bring you back from all the worries of the future and the thoughts of all the work this university has cursed you with and remind you why you’re here in the first place. Besides, I’ve always thought the Rotunda looks a bit like a monopoly piece, so that could be fun to ponder over.

4. Eat some dumplings

I always forget that the dumpling cart exists until someone reminds me, and I wonder how I’ve been so silly as to pass over such a food gem. Eating them in the amphitheater is the classic move, but now that more and more tour groups are rolling through, it might be nice to find your own little spot on the Lawn where you can enjoy your fried rice. Watching the tours go by is also a fun way to entertain yourself while you eat. It makes even me, a first year, feel much older and more important to watch high schoolers struggle through the decision I had to make exactly a year ago.

5. Play Frisbee

Playing Frisbee or any other classic,  laid-back game — hacky sack being the most prominent of this niche game genre — is a nice way to live in the delusion that you’re a relaxed person for a little while. I mean we all know you’re not, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend. It’s kind of like going to the beach without the three-hour drive. Speaking of the beach, cornhole is also an option — though I don’t know a single college student with cornhole equipment at the ready.

6. Pet the dogs

My friend and I were downtown this Saturday, and we saw the smallest dog I have even seen. It was a four-month-old Pomeranian and, even though it was 50 percent fur, it was still smaller than an average Hunter boot. If these dogs exist in the world, it’s important that we keep a vigilant watch for them because they are such a delight. Honestly, dogs of all shapes and sizes are such a treat. I would spend all my time on the Lawn waiting for dogs if I could. My only wish is that people would also bring their cats to the Lawn. I can see obvious reasons why they shouldn’t, but I can also see a couple reasons why they should.

7. Picnic

I used to be obsessed with picnics when I was younger — I loved the whole idea of cute little baskets with the folding tops and picnic blankets with a red and white checkered pattern. I even dragged my family on a picnic once to a park — sandwiches in tow. Though I now have neither the basket nor the blanket, I think a makeshift picnic would be just as fun. Especially if it included a Bodo’s bagel.

8. Study

It was very little fun to write that word, but it is the sad reality of our life as students. At least on the Lawn you can watch other people play Frisbee and pretend you’re as relaxed as they are. Studying includes reading, and that’s always a good time — at least it isn’t as crazy as typing on your laptop at two in the morning.

9. Meet up with friends

Usually on the weekends most people tend to be in the general vicinity of the Lawn. The concentration of student population tightens way down to include the Corner, the Lawn, the libraries and the frat houses. This makes it much easier to get in touch with people who seem to have exact opposite class schedules as you. What better place to meet up with them than the hub of central Grounds?

10. People watch

Speaking of the hub of central Grounds, the Lawn is a great place to get a vibe for what’s going on around Grounds. Last time I was sitting on the Lawn, there was a huge gathering of well-dressed people congregating around one of the pavilion houses. I don’t know what it is — it could absolutely have been a completely average event — but I remain convinced that a secret society had a hand in it. There are also weddings going on at the chapel sometimes, and the wedding party may stop by the Lawn to snap some photos which is always fun to watch. There are families, students, adults, teachers and pets all gathered in the same place at least for a little while. Enjoy a slow weekend on the Lawn, and soak up the feeling and the sun.   

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