Top 10 trends to ever hit the McCormick runway

Fashion tips that will have you looking even classier than Mr. Jefferson himself


Paige Waterhouse is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.

Emma Klein | Cavalier Daily

1. The t-shirt

By far the most popular of all the fashion trends modeled by University students, the t-shirt is a classic go-to when you’re going for a casual, comfortable look. Graphic t-shirts are the best way to tell everyone you meet on the street where you went to high school, who your favorite band is or even where your family vacationed last summer. Bonus points if you invest in a t-shirt three times your size that can double as a dress.

2. Pastel shorts

The University is apparently the only location where Easter colors are acceptable all year round. Baby blue, salmon and sunshine yellow are just a few of the bold shades that can been seen sauntering down the runway. Rain or shine, some boys will wear pastel shorts well into the bitter winter months before finally succumbing to pastel pants weather. Throw on a generic polo, a pair of boat shoes and accessorize with a red solo cup and you too, can be one of the best dressed dudes on Grounds. 

3. The oversized sweatshirt

Apparently, Mother Nature did not get the message that it is now officially fall, so I will continue to wear my pull-over until she takes a hint. Comfort in the ice-box lecture hall is definitely worth the gallons of sweat that come with wearing an extra layer on the sunscorched sidewalk. Besides keeping you cozy in class, oversized sweatshirts are great for “sweater-smacking” annoying pedestrians who clog the sidewalk — just use your excessively long sleeves to windmill your way to class.

4. Flip-flops

Dear people who wear flip-flops to class, have you no concern for your arches?  Sure, they’re convenient, and who doesn’t love slip-on footwear? However, any decent human being knows that hiking across Grounds requires proper sole support! But go ahead flip-flop lovers, destroy your arches and freeze your toes off during class for the sake of convenience. Just know that in 50 years, it won’t be my joints that are creaking.

5. The Cavalier

I salute you, Cavalier, you are the one brave soul who treks from class to class decked head-to-toe in University gear. You are the epitome of school pride and so you have rightfully earned the title of our school’s mascot. Your t-shirt, basketball shorts, socks, backpack and baseball cap are all adorned with that glorious “V,” and we are proud of you. Thank you for reminding me which college I attend and always picking up my slack when I forget to wash my own Virginia shirt.

6. Stocks ‘n socks

Birkenstocks — one of the unique pieces of footwear that are universal amongst all genders and quite possibly the most popular on Grounds. Don’t forget to pair your Birks with a generic pair of white Nike crew socks to solidify your membership in the cool kids club. Remember when we all thought the socks with sandals look was lame? I’m glad to see we’ve all had a change of heart … or maybe we just all look lame together.

7. Workout clothes

I will be honest, those that wear workout clothes to class are absolute geniuses. With the unpredictable weather of Charlottesville, workout clothes are optimal for wicking away sweat one minute and insulating body heat the next. This type of clothing is breathable, stretchy and lightweight — making it perfect for the desperate 100-yard dash to the bus stop. Plus, maybe wearing a cute outfit will inspire you to show off your fashionable look at the AFC and motivate you to finally complete that workout you’ve been putting off all week.

8. Earbuds

Though not an article of clothing, earbuds are an essential accessory to any and every outfit. Whether you need to block out the noisy street traffic or just need to calm down with some tunes before your next exam, these resourceful ear-ornaments are guaranteed to look sleek on everyone. Though they are available in an unlimited combination of colors and brands, I personally rock the mainstream, “this came with my phone” style, but props to you for modeling those new AirPods.

9. The “I woke up like this”

As one who needs at least six alarms to wake up each morning, I understand the effort it takes to convince yourself to get up and get dressed for class. Evidently, some people cannot motivate themselves to complete the second step. But yet, I still applaud you, pajama-wearing student, for at least completing step one. Rock those SpongeBob jammies.

10. The Perfectionist

This is the look above all looks. It includes a pressed shirt, fitted pants, matching socks, color-coordinated jewelry and maybe even a necktie. The perfectionists are the students we all aspire to be — awake enough in the morning to assemble a respectable outfit. I for one will take sweatpants over a skirt any day, but these well-dressed Wahoos are going places. 

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