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Top 10 non-political things to get political about

Let the non-televised debates begin

<p>Paige Waterhouse is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.</p>

Paige Waterhouse is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.

  1. Coffee

Coffee — the elixir of college life. In order to function, I need at least one cup every morning, and judging by the traffic at the O’Hill coffee station, I would say the majority of students are in the same boat. Since grabbing a cup of joe is such an essential part of our daily routine, it is no surprise that people have strong opinions about which type of bean juice they prefer. Grit, Starbucks, Einstein’s and Greenberry’s all offer different blends to choose from, leaving room for debate over where is the best place to get your caffeine fix.

2. The Laundry Games

If you are an upperclassman enjoying the comforts of your cozy apartment with your personal washer and dryer, congratulations. However, if you are a student staying in dorms, I’m sure you can relate to the nightmare of doing laundry on a Sunday. The last day of the weekend is consequently the same day everyone decides to get their lives together and prepare for the week ahead. Thus, the laundry room is an absolute war zone, as students compete for machines and shelf space to store their laundry bags. Televised political debates may get ugly, but the laundry games get downright dirty. One minute late to pick up your load? Don’t worry, your freshly cleaned clothes can be found sitting on a dusty shelf, promptly rejected from their appliance by a competing, machine-hungry candidate.

3. The Right Side of the Sidewalk

This one is not really up for debate, it’s just common courtesy. Don’t get me wrong, I love bumper cars just as much as any average girl, but I most certainly do not want to be playing it with fellow students on my way to class. To avoid collision and allow ample space for those with faster feet than you, please stick to the right side of the sidewalk. It’s really not that difficult. Stand — or walk — with me, and together we can work towards clearing the pathway for pedestrians everywhere!

4. Bike Lanes

I can’t be the only one who gets a little anxious when I see a biker whiz by a UTS bus with only a couple inches of room to spare. I get it, biking to class is super convenient and honestly pretty cool if you are one of the kids who can do it with no hands, but in reality, it can be dangerous. Therefore, I propose that there should be more bike lanes around Grounds to ensure the safety of students pedaling to class and to keep traffic flowing more easily. Any volunteers to write a petition? Just show me where to sign.

5. Christmas Music

Now that Halloween is behind us, apparently we’ve jumped straight into December. Thanksgiving? I don’t know her. Stores in Charlottesville are already pulling out their holiday gear, and I’ve already sat through several Christmas music jam sessions with my roommate. I agree, it is the best time of the year, but why does everyone jump in so quickly! I need someone to take my side on this one — please help me slow down the holiday season. 

6. Nameless Field

Is the expanse of green space behind Mem Gym actually nameless — that is, lacking an identifying title — or is its name in fact Nameless Field? If the latter is true, then the title Nameless Field is misleading because this means that the green space is in fact named. On the other hand, if the space is truly nameless — and is intended to remain so — we should refrain from ever referring to it, to avoid sticking it with a name. Choose your side wisely for this one, this controversy can get complicated.

7. Water Bottle Fillers

Everyone loves being eco-friendly, and consequently, everyone needs to drink water! Naturally, the handy water bottle filler machines that stand next to most water fountains around Grounds seem like a great way to check both of those boxes. There’s only one problem — there’s not enough of them. Few dorms are lucky enough to even have one dispenser and in some buildings around Grounds, a convenient place to fill up your jug is nowhere to be found! Plastic is filling up our oceans fast, people, so it’s time we took a stand to invest in reusable thermoses and advocate for a greener Grounds.

8. The Color of the Columns

If you are up to date on the most recent University renovation projects — as all good Hoos are — then you are quite familiar with the heated debate over the column restoration project. This ongoing project has been active since the summer of 2017 and involves the careful stripping of the twin colonnades that run down either side of the Lawn. During the process, workers discovered that the original materials used to construct the columns during Mr. Jefferson’s time were actually tan, rather than the iconic white we know today. And thus, the debate ensued whether or not to restore the columns to Mr. Jefferson’s original vision or maintain the modern standard we Hoos know so well today. So, in your honest opinion, which color really brings out those red-brick pavers?

9. Different Grading Scales

If you are a type A student like me, then you agree with the saying “consistency is key.” Unfortunately, this is exactly what all my classes are missing. I understand that different professors have their own ways to go about grading assignments, and I respect that. However, a consistent grading scale would not be too difficult to establish! It’s frustrating to have to flip through syllabi to try to decipher the different grading scales to figure out how well I have to do on the next exam in order to get an A in the class. All I am asking for is a little reform and some structure!

10. New Dorms vs. Old Dorms

Another hotly debated topic is the state of New Dorms versus Old Dorms. Being a resident of the New Dorm community myself, I have nothing to complain about as I enjoy my room’s comfortably regulated temperature. However, my friends in Old Dorms will not easily forget those months that they suffered in the stifling summer heat with no AC. Thus the slight grudge between old and new dorm residents will forever remain. Thankfully we all get heat, right?


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