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The Cavalier Daily elects editors for the 130th term

Third-year College student Gracie Kreth elected editor-in-chief

<p>Members of the 130th Managing Board (from left to right): Aisha Singh will serve as operations manager, Abby Clukey as managing editor, Gracie Kreth as editor-in-chief, Sonia Gupta as chief financial officer and Jacob Asch as executive editor.</p>

Members of the 130th Managing Board (from left to right): Aisha Singh will serve as operations manager, Abby Clukey as managing editor, Gracie Kreth as editor-in-chief, Sonia Gupta as chief financial officer and Jacob Asch as executive editor.

The Cavalier Daily held its elections for the 130th term of the organization earlier this month, electing third-year College student Gracie Kreth to serve as its next editor-in-chief. 

Kreth previously served as the paper’s assistant managing editor and was a life editor during the 128th term. She expressed her hope that The Cavalier Daily becomes a more welcoming organization both inside and outside of the newsroom in the next term, and she also plans to further expand The Cavalier Daily’s online platforms to engage a wider and more diverse audience. 

“We need to focus on telling meaningful stories and telling the stories that actually matter around Grounds and in Charlottesville,” Kreth said. “The online platforms provide a good way to connect and engage with a diverse audience, and [they] also expand our audience.”

Kreth praised The Cavalier Daily’s recently-launched online magazine publication — abcd magazine — which she said provides a contemporary and visually compelling medium for storytelling. 

Third-year College student Abby Clukey was elected to serve as the next managing editor. Prior to being elected to the new role, Clukey served as the editor for the focus section. As managing editor, Clukey will oversee all objective literary sections of the paper. 

Third-year College student Sonia Gupta was elected to serve as the next chief financial officer. During the previous term, Gupta served as the operations manager on the Managing Board and as a production editor. 

Second-year College student Aisha Singh won the role of operations manager for the 130th term. Singh served as the organization’s graphics editor. 

Third-year College student Jacob Asch will serve as the next executive editor. Asch is currently an opinion editor and is a former member of The Cavalier Daily’s Editorial Board, which he will now oversee as well as the subjective content. 

Tim Dodson, the paper’s outgoing editor-in-chief and a fourth-year College student, said the 129th Managing Board focused on furthering The Cavalier Daily’s financial independence and accountability through its relationship with the organization’s Board of Directors. During the 128th term, The Cavalier Daily amended its corporate Board of Directors structure to include alumni members and the former editor-in-chief. 

“I was the first editor-in-chief, and this was the first Managing Board that had to go through a system of creating a budget, getting it formally approved by our Board of Directors,” Dodson said. “This term, we’ve seen The Cavalier Daily to continue to become more financially responsible because we have had to be very thorough about compiling our financial information and sharing that with our Board of Directors and working with them to make the best decisions possible about the organization.”

He further commended The Cavalier Daily’s growth as an organization and its continued effort to ensure the content of paper reflects the community it serves. Dodson said he is particularly proud of the paper’s “Voices of the 6%” project — a three part series published in October that examined aspects of Latinx students’ experiences at the University. 

At its Dec. 1 elections, The Cavalier Daily’s staff also selected members of the organization’s Junior Board, which includes individual section editors. 

Second-year College student Meagan O’Rourke was elected to serve as abcd magazine’s first editor. Prior to the creation of this new role, the magazine was managed under the focus section, which was recently ended in favor of forming a new magazine section. The magazine, which is currently published a few times throughout each semester, launched in September 2017 and includes long-form features and investigative stories in a user-friendly and visually engaging format. 

Third-year College student Ashley Botkin and second-year College student Aaron Rose were elected to serve as the paper’s next assistant managing editors. 

Second-year College students Nafisa Mazumdar and Nik Popli will serve as news editors in the upcoming term. 

Second-year College students Zach Zamoff and Colin Cantwell will serve as the new sports editors. 

First-year College student Zoe Ziff and second-year College student Vyshnavi Pendala were elected to serve as health and science editors. 

Second-year College student Ben Miller will serve as the next humor editor. 

Fourth-year College student Gabby Fuller will serve as cartoon editor. 

Second-year College student Tyra Krehbiel and second-year College student Maddy Sita will serve as Graphics editors. 

Second-year College student Kate Granruth and second-year College student Robin Schwartzkopf will serve as arts and entertainment editors. 

First-year College student Pauline Povitsky was elected to serve as a life editor and second-year College student Natalie Seo was reelected as a life editor as well. 

Third-year College students Audrey Fahlberg and Gavin Scott will serve as the next opinion editors. 

Third-year College student Riley Walsh will serve as the next photo editor. 

First-year College student Malcolm Mashig will serve as finance manager.

Third-year College student Libby Scully will continue her role as social media manager alongside second-year College student Madeleine Turner. 

Third-year College student Wilson Tosta will serve as the next translation editor. 

First-year Engineering student Nikita Sivakumar and first-year College students Ankit Agrawal and Carolyn Lane will serve as production editors. 

The new term will officially start Jan. 18.