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PARTING SHOT: Thanks from your friendly neighborhood cartoonist

<p>Gabby Fuller was the Cartoon Editor during the 130th term of The Cavalier Daily and its Senior Associate during the 129th.&nbsp;</p>

Gabby Fuller was the Cartoon Editor during the 130th term of The Cavalier Daily and its Senior Associate during the 129th. 

Some of you may be wondering, “Hey, what is this cartoon editor doing writing a parting shot? She isn’t a writer — she just draws funny pictures. I don’t want to read any words from this girl unless it’s in a speech bubble.” Well, hang on folks. I promise I will make this as entertaining as possible.

I came to The Cavalier Daily during my third year thanks to the encouragement of the incomparable Alexis Gravely. I’ve always loved drawing cartoons, but for some reason it took me three years to figure out that I could get my cartoons published and that people would actually look at them — and maybe even enjoy them. I started out as a staffer, and I soon found myself in the position of Senior Associate. Because the staff was so small, I feel like I have been the editor for over a full term. Even so, I enjoyed every minute of it.

I feel that I owe a lot of people a thank you for helping me and supporting me throughout my time at The Cavalier Daily, and I’d like to publicly call them out and cement their names in Cavalier Daily history.

First, I want to thank the amazing writers, without whom I would have no way to publish my cartoons. What else would I do? Go to another publication? On a similar note, thank you to my staffers, Sam Dulin and Walter Sharon. Without you, there would be no cartoon section. Best of luck to Walter to finish out the term!

Thank you, Jake Lichtenstein and Ben Tobin, for supporting me when I was just a wee SA who wanted to make the world a more cartoony place. Your continued support from the comforts of your retirement mean a lot to me.

I have already addressed Alexis Gravely, but I wanted to call her out one more time because encouraging me to join the paper gave me the confidence to go after other opportunities that I may not have pursued otherwise. If you haven’t followed her on Twitter yet, what are you all even doing?

Thank you, U.Va. student body, for giving me endless material to work from. From two bros riding a moped to the people who don’t thank bus drivers when they get off of buses — your antics have inspired me on countless occasions. Real life is truly funnier than fiction.

Thank you, Ashley Botkin — and Ancho, The Cavalier Daily Copycat — for always brightening up the office. Sometimes, if you were not at a meeting, I would question why I even came. Your icebreakers and Top 10 lists are iconic, and I am so glad that we became friends.

A very special thank you to the champion Virginia Cavaliers men’s basketball team. Without you, I would not have been able to create the Space Jam cover to kick off our March Madness season. And if I hadn’t made that cover, Jack Salt wouldn’t have a super great Instagram profile picture. I have truly peaked, and it’s all thanks to you guys. A championship trophy is a great bookend to my four years here.

Finally, thank you to my friends outside of The Cavalier Daily. Thanks Meghana, my roommate of three years, for your constant support in my artwork and beyond. You laugh at my cartoons even if they aren’t that funny. Thanks Cori for curating a collection of my cartoons on your fridge. I hope this makes it on there as well. Thanks Mom and Dad — without you I would not exist, nor would I have had the opportunity to attend U.Va. or become a published cartoonist. Your constant support means the world to me. Lastly, thank to you my dog, Fox, who cannot read and does not have a concept for any of this. I wanted to give him a shout out regardless because he is my son, after all. 

During my time on The Cav Daily, I learned many things. I learned some cats are pretty cool, that my favorite color is yellow and it is indeed possible to run a successful section of three people. Thanks for looking at my doodles, and — as always — go Hoos.

Gabby Fuller was the Cartoon Editor during the 130th term of The Cavalier Daily and its Senior Associate during the 129th.