Two Trinity Irish Pub employees and former Mono Loco restaurant owner purchase Boylan Heights

While the three constituent parties have purchased Boylan Heights, Trinity Irish Pub did not


Boylan Heights is down the street from Trinity Irish Pub on University Ave. 

Callie Collins | Cavalier Daily

Long-term Trinity Irish Pub employees Mike Heyer and Nick Becker and former Mono Loco restaurant owner and chef Michael Lewis purchased Boylan Heights on the Corner. Heyer is currently a managing partner at Trinity Irish Pub, while Becker is a general manager at the Elliewood Ave. bar Coupe De Ville’s. Trinity Irish Pub purchased Coupe De Ville’s in 2011. 

According to Trinity owner Ryan Rooney, Lewis has “been a part of Charlottesville’s restaurant scene for years.” Mono Loco closed after 20 years in July 2018. 

Rooney said Trinity assisted Heyer and Becker in “any way [they] could” during the acquisition and clarified that Trinity did not purchase Boylan. Furthermore, according to Rooney, Becker has never directly worked for Trinity, and Heyer will not continue working for Trinity as the new owner of Boylan Heights. 

“We are excited for them and look forward to a friendly rivalry down the street,” Rooney said in an email statement to The Cavalier Daily. 

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