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Five things to do instead of binge-watching ‘Friends’

<p>Humor columnist Riley Power offers her advice for living life without 'Friends.'</p>

Humor columnist Riley Power offers her advice for living life without 'Friends.'

As the ball dropped and brought in the new decade, the year of 2020, our nation suffered a great loss. The saying goes, “out with the old and in with the new,” which generally brings about positive change and gives us a chance to reflect on our lives and adjust our habits.

However, Netflix took it too far with the removal of the beloved hit TV sitcom ‘Friends.’ Now, I sit here at the beginning of 2020, looking at all the year has to offer, and I feel empty. To cope with my pain, I have compiled a list of things that may be used to distract ourselves until ‘Friends’ returns to streaming on HBO Max in May.

1. Clean your room

It’s important to start off the new decade with a fresh start. What better way to do that than with a clean dorm, apartment, house, etc.? While many of us may be tempted to simply dust, vacuum, and use some light Windex, I encourage you to instead choose to be inspired by your inner Monica and let your freak out! Really go to town with all the cleaning products your mom bought for you first year that you say you use all the time, but don’t.

2. Go shopping

What better way to distract yourself than with some classic retail therapy? We all love a good sale, but why hunt for sales when you could instead hunt for some chic Jill Green inspired outfits, such as a classic “please hire me sweater” in a deep red. Maybe take it a step further and complete the look with “apartment pants.” Tie it all together with a fitting attitude of seasonal depression and you’re good to go.

3. Watch a new show

Why sit at home and click through all the channels when you could take a hint from our favorite paleontologist and watch the Nature Channel. Is there a better way to bore your real life friends than with useless facts you learned on a daytime channel?

4. Play a game with your friends

Gather your five closest friends and force them to play a board game with you. You may be tempted to revert to classics such as poker or gin rummy, but I offer you the alternate and much more interesting “Strip Happy Days” game. While your friends may be hesitant at first, with time and lots of margaritas, we know that if Joey was successful, you can be too!

5. Get a haircut

New year, new you, right? Show the world that this year your resolutions will outlast your will to live by starting the year off with a fresh new cut. While scrolling through Pinterest and exploring the hottest haircuts for 2020, just tap that search bar and enter “The Rachel.” You’ll fall in love today as most Americans did in the 90s, guaranteed!

Riley Power is a Humor Columnist for The Cavalier Daily. She can be reached at