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Having trouble catching a vibe in self-isolation? Give this playlist a try

A collection of chill, relaxing songs to add to your self-isolation playlist

<p>When you can't go out, stay in and chill with these tunes.&nbsp;</p>

When you can't go out, stay in and chill with these tunes. 

In self-isolation, the days can often feel monotonous. After all, we’ve been isolated from the world for almost six months, and it can be really easy to just let the days go by. So, if your days — and your playlists — feel repetitive, give this one a try. Featuring a selection of mellow yet positive songs, this playlist can help you catch a chill vibe during self-isolation.

“Milk and Honey” by Billie Marten

Billie Marten is a seriously underrated artist. Hailing from England, Marten is known for crafting reflective and dreamy music, which she showcases on “Milk and Honey” off of her 2016 album “Writing in Blues and Yellows.” The delicate vocals and minimal instrumentation on “Milk and Honey” will transport you to tranquility, perfect for a chill night of self-isolation. The music video for Milk and Honey is equally relaxing and is definitely worth a watch too.

“The Adults Are Talking” by The Strokes

After a seven year hiatus, The Strokes released their eagerly anticipated sixth album “The New Abnormal” — an apt title for an album released in an unprecedented global pandemic. The opening track of the album — “The Adults are Talking” — features subdued vocals and expert guitar riffs combined to reach an emotional end. “The Adults Are Talking” is a chill indie-rock hit that’s perfect for breaking the monotony of self-isolation with something fresh and different.

“august” by Taylor Swift

Out of the many things that happened during quarantine, the release of “folklore” by Taylor Swift was one of the best. Though this entire album is a delight to listen to in self-isolation, “august” stands out. “august” is a mellow, indie-folk ballad that tells the story of a fleeting summer romance, and Swift’s ethereal vocals support this tale by evoking images of changing seasons. If you need a change of mood and scenery during your self-isolation, “august” is definitely worth a listen.

“Simmer” by Hayley Williams

In a time as unique as quarantine, it’s always great to have something lighthearted in your playlist. This is exactly what Hayley Williams delivers in her song “Simmer” from her 2020 solo album “Petals for Armor.” The frontwoman of alternative-rock band Paramore, Williams deviates from Paramore’s usual style on “Simmer” and explores a new technique that is effortlessly light and playful. 

“Mariners Apartment Complex” by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s album “Normal F***ing Rockwell” was a pleasant surprise from her earlier work, and “Mariners Apartment Complex” shines bright as a beautiful, introspective ballad on this record. Infused with influences from the 1970s, “Mariners Apartment Complex” evokes feelings of love and melancholy. Lana Del Rey’s delicate vocals whisper over piano melodies as she sings of a more uncomplicated time, transporting you to this rose-colored time during self-isolation. 

“last great american dynasty” by Taylor Swift

As a Swiftie since my teenage years, I couldn’t just have one Taylor Swift song in this playlist. Off of her surprise album “folklore,” “last great american dynasty” is a playful narrative song that showcases Swift trying something different from her usual pop, both lyrically and musically. Swift is at the top of her game here, and “last great american dynasty” is a great song to change up your quarantine playlist.

“Golden” by Harry Styles

Harry Styles took the world by storm as a solo artist after parting ways with boy band One Direction in 2015. His extremely successful self-titled album saw a lot of success with hits such as “Sign of the Times” and “Sweet Creature.” However, his newest album “Fine Line” shows Styles heading in a lighter, more indie direction. The leading track off of the album, “Golden,” embodies this change perfectly, featuring an upbeat sound and hints of 90s music. “Golden” is a wonderful way to start off a lonely self-isolated morning on a chill and upbeat note.

“Apartment” by Young The Giant

If you’re looking for something to really vibe to in self-isolation, “Apartment” by Young the Giant is the way to go. Frontman Sameer Gadhia’s powerful vocals, soar over energetic instrumentation to create an unrelentingly positive sound with nostalgia for a time that was more simple and carefree. “Apartment” radiates positive vibes, and in the days when self-isolation has got you down, it will pick you right back up.

“Someone New” by Hozier

Simply put, this is a great song. From Hozier’s self-titled 2014 album, “Someone New” features elements of soul and folk music, as Hozier sings of both love and it slowly falling apart. Although the content is not completely positive, it’s a mellow tune that’s lyrically meaningful and unique. “Someone New” is perfect for your self-isolation playlist and for those times when you need to vibe to something different.

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