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Functional snacks and beverages to supplement the college student’s diet

These snacks can help satisfy our need for food at unconventional times as college students

<p>Now that consumers are prioritizing their health in all aspects of their life, companies are pivoting to embrace that change and create products catered to those new needs.&nbsp;</p>

Now that consumers are prioritizing their health in all aspects of their life, companies are pivoting to embrace that change and create products catered to those new needs. 


As college students, we are always on the go. Activities ranging from rushing to class, working out at the gym and pulling all-nighters require us to find quick snacks that will satiate our appetites and keep us energized. I’ve found a few nutritious snacks and beverages to put on your radar that can help with supplementing your daily intake. These foods with additional nutrients are called functional foods — foods that can provide additional benefits besides basic nutrition.

One part that I like about these snacks is how they additionally contain nutrients normally found in health supplements. I acknowledge that some of these options may be pricey — but if you’re looking for some specific vitamins and nutrients, these snacks can serve as a practical solution to our unrelenting need for food as students on the go. 

Here are some of the brands that are both savory and provide nutritional value:

  1. The Good Crisp Company — The Good Crisp Company was founded with the aim of re-creating your favorite snacks — think salt & vinegar chips, cheese balls and more — without the allergens and artificial ingredients. These delicious snacks are created in facilities without egg, wheat and gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish, sesame seeds, mustard and celery making it the snack accessible to everyone. However, there is also a functional benefit to these snacks, as the cheese balls are created with Wellmune, an immune-boosting ingredient that has been proven to help strengthen the immune system and enhance its key functions. The Good Crisp Company is just one example of a company that has been working to create snacks that aren’t only delicious and nutritious, but have a functional benefit for consumers as well.
  2. Recess Sparkling Water — Recess Sparkling Water is a sparkling water company that formulates their beverages with powerful compounds aimed to alleviate stress and promote feelings of peace and tranquility. Recess uses whole plant extract, lemon balm, American ginseng and L-theanine, with each ingredient serving a unique functional benefit. The drinks come in six different flavors — coconut lime, blood orange, black cherry, peach ginger, pomegranate hibiscus and blackberry chai — and sound like the perfect delicious drink to take with you while studying or relaxing with friends. 
  3. LIFEWTR — LIFEWTR was first known for its originally designed artwork and the pH balanced water for improved taste. However, LIFEWTR recently launched LIFEWTR Immune Support designed to aid in immune function. Formulated with 10 percent of the recommended daily value of zinc, this new beverage is pH balanced and made with purified water with electrolytes added for taste. LIFEWTR is just another company that has leveraged the consumer need for functional beverages that support health and wellness.
  4. Bolthouse Farms — Bolthouse Farms is another company that has recently launched immunity boosting products. Four of their new products have immune boosting properties — the Green Immunity Boost smoothie, the Superfood Immunity Boost smoothie and then two different “BOLTS” Beverages – one with elderberry and zinc, the other with Vitamin C and turmeric. These new beverages are a good source of vitamins and minerals and were crafted in the hopes of helping consumers boost their immune systems daily in an easy and delicious way. I love to grab one of these for a quick outing with friends or refresher after a workout. 
  5. Nature’s Garden — Nature’s Garden has created a Probiotic Immune Booster trail mix pack, with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and Elderberry. The snack pack itself includes almonds, pepitas, cranberries, tart cherries, hazelnuts, pistachios and blueberries. This snack pack is a great way for consumers to get their extra vitamins but in a delicious way, without having to worry about the added struggle of purchasing separate vitamins that only serve a single functional benefit. These can serve as a helpful energy boost for any late-night study session.

Some students, including myself, have been trying to prioritize our health more often through our diets and it’s great to see that there are delicious options available that cater to those needs. It can be hard to balance taste and functionality, but I think these snacks strike a tasty equilibrium while fueling my body. 

For me, as a college student, these products are a great and easy way for me to try to get in those extra vitamins and supplement ingredients. It is much easier to buy some of these snacks instead of buying a plethora of different vitamins and supplements that are expensive and hard to keep track of.