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Nicole Ryeom

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Served on a cast iron fajita skillet on top of a wood tray, the steak and sauteed peppers and onions were still steaming when they were placed in front of me.  
All of the tacos were the perfect ratio of filling to tortilla, with the toppings adding that extra kick the taco needed. 
Some of the ingredients or steps may sound daunting, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you can whip up this salad. 
The pies also paired perfectly with the chai latte as the toasty spice-filled beverage warmed me up.  
An avocado toast is one of the best quick fixes during finals season for both your hunger and your health!
A tasty alternative take of Spaghetti Bolognese with tofu shirataki noodles.
Get out of your cooking funk and make this delicious and quick chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries meal. Thank you, air fryer!

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