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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Introducing The Cavalier Daily’s puzzle section

In our newest print edition, you will find two new puzzles — Hoo’s Spelling and a crossword

<p>I am so excited to announce the launch of our newly revived puzzle section.</p>

I am so excited to announce the launch of our newly revived puzzle section.

To our readers,

I am so excited to announce the launch of our newly revived puzzle section. Currently, our puzzle team has revealed two different, spellbinding puzzles for your puzzling pleasure — Hoo’s Spelling and a crossword. These two puzzles can be found in our most recent print edition, and Hoo's Spelling will also be posted on our social media accounts. 

I think we all know what a crossword puzzle is, so I won’t spend time explaining to you the intricacies of placing letters in boxes. I will just say that I hope you know your University geography before beginning the inaugural crossword puzzle. 

Hoo’s Spelling is a spin-off of The New York Times “Spelling Bee,” which is edited by Sam Ezersky, alumnus of The Cavalier Daily and the University. If you want to learn more about how Ezersky helped spearhead the digital relaunch of “Spelling Bee” at The New York Times, our life section has a feature on him which is also in the newest print edition. 

Now for some details about how our puzzle section operates. Currently, our puzzle team is part of the cartoon desk and is overseen by the cartoon editor, Sarah Elder. Quinn Connor is the puzzle master for the crossword puzzle, and Isabelle Tindall is the puzzle master for Hoo’s Spelling. Puzzles will be placed in The Cavalier Daily's bi-weekly print editions, and readers will be able to visit the quizzes section of our website to find answer keys to each of our puzzles. 

After our puzzle masters employ their puzzling magic, drafts are sent out to puzzle testers, some of whom are staffers and some of whom are not affiliated with The Cavalier Daily. These testers are responsible for piloting the puzzles in order to provide our team with data that we use to make tweaks to ensure maximum enjoyment. We have a few spots left, so if you are also interested in being a puzzle tester, please reach out to

I hope that you are all as excited about this new puzzle section as The Cavalier Daily is! And if you’re having trouble solving the newest puzzles, perhaps read this letter one more time … closely. 

Happy puzzling!

Nathan Onibudo



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