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James Fields Jr. to appeal state court convictions in Charlottesville car attack

(6 hours ago)

James Fields Jr., the avowed neo-Nazi who drove his car into a crowd of counter-protestors during the Unite the Right rally in August 2017, killing Charlottesville resident Heather Heyer and injuring dozens of others, plans to appeal his state conviction at the intermediate appellate court level. His attorney filed the appeal Monday.

Junior midfielder Joe Bell named finalist for MAC Hermann Trophy

(6 hours ago)

Junior midfielder Joe Bell was named a finalist for the Missouri Athletic Club’s Hermann Trophy — awarded annually since 1967 to the most outstanding collegiate soccer player. Bell has had an outstanding season for Virginia, tallying six goals and four assists while serving as a co-captain alongside senior defender Robin Afamefuna. 

In defense of mumble rap: A misleading term excludes forward-thinking artists

(12/11/19 9:46pm)

Eminem’s surprise 2018 album “Kamikaze” took the hip-hop world by storm. On tracks like “The Ringer,” he criticized “mumble rappers,” saying “I heard your mumblin’ but it’s jumbled in mumbo-jumbo / The era that I’m from will pummel you, that’s what it’s coming to.” Obviously no stranger to controversy — or rebelling against what is popular at the moment — Eminem repeats a point made by plenty of established “old heads” — the newer generation’s emphasis on melody and flow is taking away from the kind of lyrical craft that has always defined the best rappers. These critiques have some merit, but they’re largely sour grapes from artists who feel hip-hop has passed them by.

Board of Visitors votes to accept new sustainability plan

(12/10/19 7:40pm)

The University’s Board of Visitors voted to implement a new sustainability proposal at their full Board meeting Friday, which outlined strategies and initiatives to achieve sustainability goals throughout the 2020-2030 timeframe of President Jim Ryan’s 10-year strategic plan. The new plan was put forth by the University’s Committee on Sustainability co-chairs — University Facilities Management Director Cheryl Gomez and School of Architecture Professor Phoebe Crisman.

University announces plans to construct a Contemplative Commons building

(9 hours ago)

The University has announced its intention to construct the Contemplative Commons building adjacent to Dell Pond. The Commons will work to further the efforts of the University’s Contemplative Sciences Center by being a building that encourages collaboration between students and faculty from different schools.

No. 5 men’s basketball downs No. 7 North Carolina 56-47 in top-10 ACC contest

(12/09/19 3:17am)

Following its first loss to Purdue Wednesday, No. 5 men’s basketball rebounded to defeat No. 7 North Carolina at John Paul Jones Arena Sunday afternoon, running away with the lead in the final minutes of the matchup. The Cavaliers (8-1, 2-0 ACC) combined strong defense with enough points on offense to bring down the talented Tar Heels (6-3, 1-1 ACC) in their most difficult game thus far. The teams fought for the lead throughout the game, but senior forward Mamadi Diakite, junior guard Tomas Woldetensae and redshirt freshman Francisco Caffaro combined for 33 points to lead the team to a 56-47 victory. 

DRISCOLL: It’s time for gerrymandering in Virginia to finally bite the dust

(12/11/19 9:31pm)

November’s election was a historic moment as Democrats regained control of the General Assembly for the first time in a generation, marking a new era for politics in the Old Dominion. Although this shift is reflective of the larger blue wave that has swept across the nation in response to Doanld Trump’s presidency, the outcome of Virginia’s election is especially noteworthy when considering that Republicans held a 67-seat supermajority in the House of Delegates only three years ago. 

Graffiti calling for U.Va. to divest from fossil fuel companies found chalked around Central Grounds

(12/08/19 3:51am)

Messages including “DIVEST UVA,” “PEOPLE + PLANET over PROFIT,” “UVA PROFITS OFF DESTRUCTION OF OUR ENVIRONMENT,” “F—k UVA SAVE THE PLANET” and “DIVEST UVA from fossil fuel companies” were found graffitied in chalk across Central Grounds Saturday morning.

ERIKSSON VON ALLMEN: My attendance is not an acceptance of the University’s flaws

(6 hours ago)

Like pretty much anything in life, the University is not perfect. I appreciate U.Va. for its knowledgeable and engaging professors, its spirited student body and the beautiful spaces on Grounds. When cheering in the stands at a football game amongst thousands of screaming students clad in orange and blue or while studying in a quiet nook of Alderman library, I often find myself in awe of this community and the wealth of resources it provides students. I am grateful for this college experience that many, due to factors outside of their control, cannot have. But I can love something and still recognize its flaws. 

U.Va. admits 35 percent of applicants for the Class of 2024 in first early decision cycle since 2006

(12/06/19 11:02pm)

The University Office of Undergraduate Admission released its early decision offers for the Class of 2024 Friday evening. The University offered admission to 749 students, or 35 percent of the 2,157 people who participated in the early decision process, which requires accepted students to attend the University and rescind all other college applications.

No. 5 Virginia vs. No. 7 North Carolina — a breakdown

(12/08/19 7:07pm)

Following its first loss of the season against Purdue Wednesday, No. 5 Virginia is set to face No. 7 North Carolina Sunday in a top-10 ACC showdown at John Paul Jones Arena. With both teams coming off of double digit defeats, the Tar Heels (6-2, 1-0 ACC) and the Cavaliers (7-1, 1-0 ACC) will be looking to respond in what should be a high-intensity conference matchup.

BATSUKH: Sheriffs ought to obey state gun control legislation

(12/09/19 3:16am)

Though landmark Supreme Court cases such as DC v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago have enshrined gun ownership as a fundamental right, gun confiscation has quickly progressed into a defining issue for Americans. Years of claims that “nobody is going to take your guns” have quickly turned into “hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15”, exactly as gun rights advocates have warned.