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Men’s basketball downs Wake Forest 65-63 in overtime

(14 hours ago)

Men’s basketball defeated Wake Forest in an overtime thriller Sunday afternoon, 65-63. The Cavaliers (13-6, 5-4 ACC) were led in scoring by junior guard Tomas Woldetensae, who had a career-high 21 points in the win, while the Demon Deacons (9-10, 2-7 ACC) stayed in the game in part due to 21 points by senior guard Andrien White. 

Before ‘Rick and Morty,’ the MCU and Childish Gambino, there was ‘Community’

(14 hours ago)

The most recent decade of network sitcoms has gotten progressively smarter, bolder and more revered. But long before “The Good Place” first aired or “The Office” saw a massive resurgence of popularity thanks to streaming, there was a genre-defying show on NBC called “Community.” The show — set in a community college — revolved around an absurdly diverse but lovable study group and has lain dormant since its conclusion in 2015. It does not have the clout of “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation” within the mainstream mindshare, yet it has remained relevant, and the talent it incubated is ubiquitous today. It deserves to be remembered for its innovativeness and being so ahead of its time.

Indian Student Association hosts Gautam Raghavan at annual advocacy event

(01/25/20 9:33pm)

The Indian Student Association hosted their largest annual advocacy event — Chit Chaat — Wednesday evening in Nau Hall with guest speaker Gautam Raghavan. Chit Chaat aims to highlight topics in the South Asian community that aren’t prominently discussed, such as entering political careers. 

Student Council proposes bill to integrate U.Va. Community Food Pantry

(01/25/20 9:34pm)

Ellie Brasacchio, fourth-year College student and Student Council president, proposed a bill at the latest Student Council meeting Tuesday night that would integrate the University’s Community Food Pantry with Student Council. Other initiatives, such as providing free menstrual hygiene products on Grounds and an event to redistribute iClickers, were also discussed at the meeting.

'The Walk in My Shoes Experience' comes to U.Va.

(01/25/20 7:14am)

The Walk in My Shoes Experience kicked off their six-stop national tour at Newcomb Hall Wednesday and Thursday as part of the University’s 2020 Community MLK Celebration. During the full-day events, students, faculty and community members were given the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a University student through an immersive audio and visual experience aimed at helping the community “take a stand.” 

MSC, LGBTQ Center host send-off event prior to relocating

(01/24/20 10:17pm)

The Multicultural Student Center and the LGBTQ Center in the basement of Newcomb Hall closed their doors to students for the last time Wednesday night. Soon, the centers will be relocated to the second and third floors of Newcomb Hall, respectively, where a new Latinx Student Center is also set to open, and an expanded Interfaith Space was recently added. The new MSC and LGBTQ Center are expected to open Feb. 6. 

‘Circles’ serves as a beautiful remembrance of Mac Miller’s talent

(01/24/20 3:00am)

The tragic death of rapper and singer Mac Miller in 2018 had the music industry and much of the world at a loss for words. Mac Miller — whose full name is Malcolm McCormick — passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 26, leaving behind a grief-stricken mass of fans and a heartbroken cohort of collaborators. It seemed as though he was deprived of the chance to reap the benefits of his many years of hard work — he was just beginning to settle into his career and was in the midst of creating new music at the time of his death. 

Center for Politics hosts 21st annual Democracy Conference

(01/23/20 2:01am)

The University’s Center for Politics hosted its 21st annual Democracy Conference Wednesday in the Newcomb Ballroom, featuring a variety of speakers, including political commentators, news anchors and former representatives. The event, founded by Professor Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics, is part of “Democracy in Perilous Times: Unprecedented Challenges and Controversies” — an ongoing series organized by the Center and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. 

FAHLBERG: Demographics won’t be the death of conservatism

(01/24/20 2:39am)

Liberal politicos have assumed for years that once we become a majority-minority country, or a nation in which less than half the population identifies as white, the Republican Party will fade into oblivion. Many conservatives share the same prediction. A year after Romney’s defeat in the 2012 election, the Republican National Committee released its Growth and Opportunity Project, a post-mortem scramble to fix the Republican Party’s messaging problem and diversify its voting base. But what both parties ignore are the wealth of historical, cultural and geographic considerations that may undermine this prophecy.

SIEGEL: America needs to update its gun laws

(01/24/20 2:58am)

According to the Pew Research Center, 39,773 people were victims of gun-related deaths in 2017. Nothing justifies such high numbers of gun-related deaths. Milan Bharadwaj, one of my fellow Opinion Columnists, recently wrote a piece arguing that recent insurgencies across the globe justify the current lack of gun regulations in the United States. Furthermore, his argument contends that gun ownership protects Americans and benefits minorities. His contentions that gun ownership promotes protection, especially for minorities and in cases of insurgency, are either wrong or not applicable to the United States.

Honor introduces policy regarding cases arising out of Title IX

(01/22/20 8:57pm)

The Honor Committee met Sunday to discuss a proposed bylaw pertaining to cases that arise from Title IX — which receives cases of sexual and gender-based harassment and violence — and their ability to investigate them. The meeting ended without a decision, but Honor Chair Lillie Lyon, a fourth-year in the College, requested the Committee think about the articles over the week and continue their discussion Sunday, Jan. 26.

Chief Student Affairs Officer Patricia M. Lampkin announces retirement

(01/21/20 9:11pm)

After serving in higher education at the University for over 40 years, Patricia M. Lampkin, vice president and chief student affairs officer, has announced the conclusion of her tenure. Although Lampkin plans her official retirement to begin in August, she will remain in the role until the University is able to find a successor. 

WARTEL: Bernie Sanders is the most electable

(01/24/20 2:18am)

The Iowa caucus is just two weeks away, and a recent poll delivered good news for the Bernie Sanders campaign. The Des Moines register poll showed Sanders leading by 20 percent. Winning Iowa is crucial for the chances of each candidate winning the majority of delegates in the primary. This is finally a bit of good news in a world torn by right-wing coups, environmental collapse and economic inequality. Right now Sanders has an estimated 22 percent chance of winning a majority of delegates in the Democratic Primary, which would jump to 61 percent if he wins Iowa. All those whose priority is defeating President Trump in 2020 should hope that Sanders wins Iowa, as he’s the only candidate able to defeat Trump in the general election and has no clear weakness in contrast to Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttegieg.