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A moral imperative — addressing the problem of sexual assault

(02/06/15 4:18am)

After a fall semester like the one our community has lived through this year, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s words hit close to home: “In… a free society, only some are guilty, but all are responsible.” As clergy members who work with students at the University, we feel this responsibility too. No one is immune to the effects of sexual violence, which ravages not only individual bodies and lives but also the trust and well-being of communities like ours. This is a cultural problem that affects students and groups throughout the University — Greek life, sports teams, political clubs, Dean’s listers and those of us in religious organizations.

Silver linings in Rolling Stone rape fiasco

(12/08/14 3:24am)

Rolling Stone alleged a gang rape at UVA and now doubts its own report. I have no knowledge of the matter. Maybe the victim was completely honest. Maybe she was largely honest but too drunk, or just too traumatized, to remember which fraternity house she was in. Maybe she made it all up. I have no idea and hope a competent police department, rather than an incompetent magazine, tries to find out if possible.

UVa culture does not make men rapists

(12/05/14 5:00am)

As I read the Rolling Stone article, I grew simultaneously incredulous and nauseous. I was beyond disturbed to hear of such horrifying incidents occurring at this place that I have come to love so dearly. I think that the article will prove a good thing for U.Va., first and foremost because the rape that took place at Phi Psi needs to be exposed. We must open a dialogue about changes that need to happen in order to keep U.Va. the place that it should be.

The University cannot objectively investigate sexual assault

(11/25/14 12:17am)

The University's policy on sexual misconduct should require any University employee to report any allegation of rape (or other form of sexual assault) to the police. Failure to do so should be grounds for immediate dismissal of the employee. There are multiple reasons for this.