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The cost of going abroad

Participation in study abroad programs by University students remains far higher for January term and summer programs than semester or year-long programs.


University faculty's unique community of trust

The Honor Committee’s 2013 bylaws define the “community of trust” to mean “collectively, the students, faculty, administrators, and other members of the University of Virginia community.” But what are faculty members’ roles in this community?


The future of LGBTQ, African Studies coursework

New majors, minors and coursework are, for the most part, driven by student demand and available faculty — two areas that queer studies have in abundance at the University. While the establishment of a LGBTQ minor in the near future looks favorable, the creation of an African Studies major does not look as promising, due precisely to the lack of these two things.


Virginia fares well with non-tenured faculty

According to a CNN report, 49 percent of faculty in higher education occupy part-time positions while another 19 percent are full-time non-tenure-track, meaning nearly 70 percent of faculty nationwide are ineligible for tenure. The situation at the University is slightly different, however.


Virginia's fight against hazing continues

University hazing policies came under spotlight last spring when the Office of the Dean of Students issued new rush and pledging policies in response to several hazing allegations and a January night during which 10 University students were hospitalized for alcohol-related incidents.


A night in the ER

Fluorescent lights shine harshly over the tiled floors and empty couches of the waiting area of the Medical Center’s Emergency Room.


Race's Role in Rushing

The University of Alabama endured a barrage of national criticism after multiple news sources reported in the past two weeks that there is an alarming lack of racial diversity within the school’s popular sororities. When considering whether this is an issue here at the University, it depends on who you ask.


Cornering the Market

The bright-eyed J.R. Hadley could easily be mistaken for a brother in a Rugby Road fraternity, with a baseball cap complementing his calculated 5 o’clock shadow. But Hadley is in a different sort of fraternity — a young corps of up-and-coming business owners on the Corner.


Board approves removal of all-grant aid

This month’s vote by the University’s Board of Visitors to reauthorize a modified version of the touted AccessUVa program has renewed a debate about the University’s obligation to promote socioeconomic diversity amid deepening cuts in federal and state funding of public universities.


Someone you know — sexual assault at the University

The national press surged on Steubenville, Ohio in March, as two high school football players — aged 16 and 17 — were convicted of raping a 16-year-old classmate while she was too intoxicated to give consent. The nationwide conversations about rape culture, prevention and policy that the trial prompted remain particularly relevant on college campuses across the country.


Arts & Sciences Graduate students see tuition increase

A recent proposal to raise graduate school tuition for doctoral candidates by nearly $4,000 for the next academic year is part of an effort to ultimately lower tuition costs, according to Associate Dean for Graduate Academic Programs Philip Zelikow. Monday Feb.


A community of mental wellness

After a series of mass shootings grabbed the national spotlight this past year, concerns about access to mental health resources came to the forefront of the national agenda.


A broken system

Members of the University community remain conflicted on next week’s Restore the Ideal vote, when students will decide whether to implement two hotly contested reforms into the Honor Committee’s constitution and bylaws.


University ID system leaves students vulnerable

The University security system that relies heavily on ID cards, used for everything from library printers to residential halls, may in fact rest more on the community of trust than technological safeguards, according to a series of student projects for a class taught by Computer Science Asst.

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