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Studies show that cuddling and snuggling with stuffed animals actually help in lowering levels of stress and anxiety.

Studying with your stuffed animals

The stuffed animals function as an important part of their college lives, providing solace, comfort and a childlike joy during their four years at the University, serving as a reminder that growing older does not have to mean giving up items from their past that still bring them joy.

The Corner is home to an eclectic mix of bars and restaurants, each with its own distinct atmosphere. Places such as Boylan Heights cater towards audiences looking to watch Virginia sports games over a pint, while places like Coupe’s are known for their live music from local bands.

Not your typical Friday night

To these student bartenders, the Corner bars aren’t only their workplaces — they’re also home to tight-knit communities that have become vital parts of the college experience. 

The training process includes lectures on different financial topics and helps students of all academic backgrounds understand investing before they pitch stocks to add to the fund.

Gayner Fund aims to make investing more accessible to U.Va. students

The organization, which began operations in Spring 2023, aims to allow any student, of any background, regardless of their finance expertise, to get hands-on experience and engage with executives in the finance industry. Through immersing students into long-term investing in valuable firms, the members hold the ambitious goal of making the cost of attendance at the University free for all students. 

The basic idea is simple — students disrobe at the historical Rotunda steps facing Old Cabell Hall and run down the Lawn to the Homer statue before returning to the Rotunda to don their clothes and go home.

Hoos streaked the Lawn?

Nearly 90 years later, running naked down the Lawn has turned into a perhaps silly tradition that is widely recognized as part of the fabric of what makes the University unique.