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I am trying to be intentional about when and how much caffeine I exactly consume. 

My big fat caffeine addiction

I am by no means a health expert, I am simply someone who has realized they are far too dependent on caffeine on a daily basis and wants to remedy that. 

Yasmin Teixeira is a Life columnist for The Cavalier Daily.

The fourth-year blues

Like many, I’ve always understood periods of my life as chapters. This chapter is ending, but I have no idea what the next chapter is or who’s in it.

Fall is a reminder of how beautiful life can be, and how the beginning — or end — of a season of life doesn’t have to be scary or painful .

The magic of fall

The world around you is ever-changing, a whirlwind that threatens on a regular basis to sweep you away with it. Fall, though, will always be the same.

All of the little items I’ve collected bear a unique story of their own, reminding me of all the places I’ve come from. 

What defines home?

My idea of home will only keep evolving as I grow, but it’s important for me to relish in the space I inhabit now.

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Heart-to-Heart: Volume VI

 Compatibility is about so much more than the people we are individually, and even the greatest of people might just not work together.