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Less than two miles from central Grounds is a neighborhood that sharply contrasts the academia and opulence characterizing the University community.

IFC issues sanctions against 2 fraternities

Yesterday, in a formal statement, the Inter-Fraternity Council issued sanctions against Phi Kappa Sigma and Zeta Psi fraternities for behavior that "threatens or endangers the health or safety of person." Members of Phi Kappa Sigma and Zeta Psi hurled snowballs at females participating in Inter-Sorority Council recruitment last Saturday.

News In Brief

Neurologist looks for cure to Alzherimer's disease University Neurologist Christine Thiffault's contributions to the study of Alzheimer's disease may bring those suffering from the disease closer to a cure.

Architecture School hosts Woltz

Prominent building and landscape architects from around the country met at an Architecture School symposium this weekend to discuss how the physical structure of the college campus is unique in the world of architecture. The two-day Woltz Symposium was designed to incorporate the Architecture School's two design departments, building and landscape architecture.