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Ben Anderson

The Cross-Roads of Charlottesville

Whether it's grabbing a bite to eat at Miller's, catching some live music at the Charlottesville Pavilion or simply getting outside to enjoy the weather, the Downtown Mall is a staple of life for city residents and University students alike.

Battleground: Charlottesville

Tomorrow, television political attack ads, signs and speculation will come to an end - at least until 2012. After winning the White House, majority in the House and super-majority in the Senate in 2008, the Democratic Party is faced with the possibility that the Republicans will sit in the majority of both houses of Congress, jeopardizing President Obama's ability to push his legislative agenda.

La vida latina

Even when students come to the University and begin to regard Grounds as a kind of "home," many individuals - particularly those who have traveled across seas and country borders - are driven to do what they can to maintain strong ties and help their respective countries. One such effort is Towards a Better Latin America, a student organization founded in 2002 by a group of international students who dedicated themselves to raising money and awareness for Latin American communities. The purpose of the organization is to focus on giving back to underdeveloped and underprivileged communities back home, TBLA President Ana Quijano said.

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