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Brittany Hsieh


Pakistani-Afghan Women in Need holds local arts sale

When fourth-year College student Ammara Ansari discovered her interest in Pakistani women’s health and civic engagement was not present in most organizations on Grounds, she sought to change this by starting her own CIO: Pakistani-Afghan Women in Need (PAWIN). “Personally, starting up the organization was a way to think about what it meant to give to a community [and] culture that I can relate to,” Ansari said.

University Sustainability participates in Recyclemania

Recyclemania is a nationwide campaign organized by Keep America Beautiful — a non-profit organization working to ensure that communities are environmentally and economically sustainable. To raise awareness about the campaign, University Sustainability organized a “Game Day Challenge” on Saturday at the men’s basketball game against Virginia Tech.

A 36-question path to intimacy

Before the date, both students said they were intimidated by the intensity of the questions. They said many of the questions resembled ones they would ask a close friend — not a first date.

“It is a way to kind of show that you are accepting the decision of these young women to choose to wear the scarf and you are acknowledging the fact that some people don’t have the opportunity to choose,” Latif said.

Attiya Latif brings World Hijab Day to Grounds

In her short time here at the University, first-year College student Attiya Latif has immersed herself in clubs and organizations related to promotion of diversity, tolerance and acceptance of students of various backgrounds.

The University's student cheer section, Hoo Crew, aims to create an atmosphere of comradery and positivity in the stands at sports games. 

Hollering for the Hoos

Hoo Crew—U.Va.’s student cheer section—is supporting the University’s men’s basketball team in victory after victory as the squad defends its position as number two in the nation.

Second-year College students Juliet Patarek and Talia Greenberg founded a local chapter of Spoon University this semester. 

Spoon University comes to Grounds

Second-year College students Juliet Patarek and Talia Greenberg organized a tailgate on the Lawn last Saturday to celebrate the launch of the University chapter of Spoon University. “Students have to realize that food is very important,” Patarek said.

In addition to promoting biking as a form of transportation, the organizers of the Critical Mass Ride hoped to encourage a safer environment for bikers on Grounds and raise awareness of the University's energy consumption. 

Riding Halloween night away

More than 100 people gathered with bikes outside Observatory Hill Dining Hall Friday to participate in the University’s first Critical Mass Ride. The event was organized by fourth-year College students Dyanna Jaye and Alex Wolz in collaboration with the Climate Action Society.

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Presentations often include chanting, singing, dancing and stepping, but each fraternity or sorority brings their own traditions to the event. 

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