Danaite Soquar


Raking for a better future

This Saturday, Habitat for Humanity at U.Va. held its annual Rake-a-Thon along with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville and student-led CIOs.

These hands don’t haze

University students engaged in Hazing Prevention Week — spanning Sept. 19-23 — aiming to bring to light the harmful behavior of hazing.

Amid intensifying climate, Sustained Dialogue restructures

Sustained Dialogue, a student-led CIO that facilitates dialogues between students from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, is implementing new structural changes this year to moderate constructive conversations within the current political and social climate both at the University and the United States at large.

Fellowship frenzy debunked

Nationally recognized scholarships like the Truman and Rhodes programs not only connote prestige but also provide students unparalleled opportunities to seek academic and professional pursuits.