Margaret Mason


Top 10 stress foods for finals

The granola bar in the bottom of your backpack — when did you put that in your backpack? Last week, last month, last semester?

A series of historic firsts

For most of the 15,669 undergraduate students at the University, November 8 presented the first opportunity to vote in a Presidential election.

BSA holds "College Day"

The Black Student Alliance hosted “College Day” on Friday, October 14 with local Charlottesville high school students.

These hands don’t haze

University students engaged in Hazing Prevention Week — spanning Sept. 19-23 — aiming to bring to light the harmful behavior of hazing.

A day in the life of a UTS bus driver

While many students utilize the University Transit Service to get to and from class, most are unaware of the training and care of the driver behind the wheel.