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Diya Gullapalli

Research parks link faculty and firms

Jefferson's academical village is on its way to becoming a research metropolis. In the past 10 years, the University has funneled over $300 million into building two research parks near Central Grounds.

Discrimination hits local businesses

Akhtar Durrani doesn't like to answer the phone at his Pakistani restaurant right now. Since the WTC and Pentagon terrorist attack, he receives four to six anonymous calls daily at the Taj Mahal Restaurant on Rio Hill Circle.

C'ville gets down to business

The University is the largest employer in Charlottesville. But it's definitely not the only one. In the past few years, industries such as e- commerce, biotechnology and telecommunication have blossomed in the area.

A Penny Saved, a penny earned

Jamie Fishman has a penchant for pennies. The 8-year-old Charlottesville resident proudly stands in front of the Coinstar machine at the Harris Teeter supermarket on Emmet Street as the machine counts his pennies and dispenses a voucher that can be exchanged in the store for cash or groceries. "Pennies are my favorite," Fishman says.

School shoppers spend less, reveal more

Pointy yellow pencils. Fresh blue jeans. Brand new bookbags. They're the items that make sitting in a plastic chair for eight hours bearable for kids who've grown accustomed to lazy summer days.

New bottles carry drinks with a twist

Take a plastic bottle, cinch it in the middle and dip it in tie-dye, and you'll have the new ergonomic beverage bottle. In the past few years, scientists have developed these slimmer, curvier bottles because they're easier to grip and more fun to look at.

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