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Elizabeth Managan

Expressions of hope

WHEN YOU read this, I will be within hours of becoming a college graduate. I probably will be having the same shiver down my spine I just got writing those words.

Waging war on terror, not students

POLITICIANS have always had a love-hate relationship with American college students. They love using us as interns, yet they also distrust colleges as hotbeds of dissension, and many conservatives see them as responsible for moral breakdown.

Read first, then criticize

I DON'T expect all of you to like all my columns. What makes me mad is when people criticize me without bothering to understand my arguments. Being a columnist has taught me to actually read or listen to people's arguments before criticizing, even if I know we have different perspectives.

Dishonest from the start

PEOPLE who can't write their own admissions essays don't deserve to be here. Getting your mom, your best friend or your English teacher to look it over is fine, and makes sense.

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