Emily Churchill


Fantasy Foibles

I am seriously obsessed with fantasy series. One of my earliest memories is of reading children’s books brimming with unicorns and fairies.

Scents of spring

Walking outside this week was like walking into a sauna. The air was sticky, but in a way pleasantly humid after the endless months I spent inside this winter.

Family Frenzy

I don’t have the luxury of getting to see my extended family very often since we are spread over a vast swath of the U.S.

Ramblings of a Cubicle Dweller

There’s something oddly comforting about studying in a cubicle. Perhaps these are just the crazed ramblings of someone who has been inside looking at book pages for too long, but I haven’t been able to shake this thought for a few weeks now. What once was a sad, drudging plod to Clemons has become a ritual.

Classless in college

Every once in a while I like to delude myself into thinking that I’m classy. In my imagination, I’m the type that wakes up early, takes a cup of coffee to the porch to read the paper while petting my cat.

A Fairy Tale ... of Sorts

I’ve come to terms with having a complete mental breakdown roughly three times a semester. It’s practically a ritual now, where everything suddenly piles up and engulfs me, dragging me to the bottom of a lake of self-pity. To the general annoyance of my friends and neighbors, I find myself holed up in my room, eating tubs of raw cookie dough and watching reruns of television shows, attempting to convince myself that by not doing anything, I am, in fact, helping myself.

The road goes ever on...

I recently read a quote by the intrepid explorer Richard Francis Burton that struck me: “One of the gladdest moments of human life, methinks, is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands.

Finals finale

Ah, that faint smell in the air. That hard edge on the corner of your mind. That growing feeling pushing down on you when you sit.

Birthday bombardment

I’ve never really been a birthday person. In the past, the event has been riddled with enough anxiety to make it generally unpleasant.

Birthday bombardment

I’ve never really been a birthday person. In the past, the event has been riddled with enough anxiety to make it generally unpleasant.

Food for Thought

It’s time. Officially. I know I recently said the day after Halloween meant it was Christmas season.

Things To Do

Whoever came up with the idea of the “Things to Do Before We Graduate” list needs to be given a hug. Really, the idea is complete genius.

A Taste of Wine- But Not For Me

This afternoon I had the exquisite experience of accompanying my parents and boyfriend to a wine tasting event in my area.

Veggie Tales

Until two weeks ago, I had been a vegetarian for about six years. Beyond that, I had never eaten seafood — not even before I became a vegetarian. If you had asked me last year, I would have told you that I didn’t have any plans of quitting vegetarianism, thank you very much.

Too Many Apples, Too Few Ideas

On one of those nearly- fall days that are so beautiful that you have to resist the temptation to break into jolly show tunes, my family drove up and took my boyfriend and I to Carter Mountain to get those beginning- of- the- season fruits.

A Football Fantasy

Growing up, I considered myself a regular tomboy. Looking back, I suppose this was mostly attributable to the one miserable afternoon I spent watching NASCAR with my dad and the plethora of worn jerseys passed down from my cousin. With this warped self-image came a lot of false confidence in areas that I cannot claim to have any real knowledge.

Series of Fortunate Events

It’s unfortunately easy to lose faith in humanity. Everything’s going alright for a while until, suddenly, one event begins a downward spiral that usually ends with me hating everyone and everything.


Moving in has always been a time of great stress for me. I over- think things, I pack and repack until my boxes and suitcases weep and beg for mercy, I have panic attacks over whether people are going to make fun of me for how much I bring.