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Erika Maguire

Rotund costs

In yesterday's Cavalier Daily, an article was printed discussing the Board of Visitors' plan to preserve and restore the Rotunda, with renovations costing the University $22.9 million

University receives $1 million research grant

The University, in collaboration with the American Psychological Association, recently received a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to begin research on the contributions of public high schools that specialize in science, technology and mathematics, the University announced yesterday.The study, which will be conducted over the course of three years, will examine various aspects of specialized high schools and the resources they provide to students.?Since these specialized high schools are not widely available, it is important to look at their strengths and the contributions they are making to students who are interested in these particular fields,? said Rena Subotnik, director of the American Psychological Association?s Center for Psychology in the Schools and Education.Comparing the career paths of recent graduates from both specialized and traditional high schools, the study aims to assess whether students in specialized schools have a greater likelihood of continuing on to a career in the field of math or science.?What we want to figure out is whether or not the likelihood of obtaining a degree in science-related areas increases after students graduate from specialized high schools,? Assoc.


Considering herself a friend of the University, Elizabeth ?Ibby? Greer, widow of T. Keister Greer, a University alumnus and lawyer, will be donating her husband?s personal legal files to the Corcoran Department of History later this year in hopes of giving back to the University that she believes gave her husband so much.?It was his Virginia education that made his career,? Ibby Greer said, noting that her husband?s education gave him the ability to spot technicalities that others could not.

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