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Faraz Rana

Stop sensationalized media coverage

A FRIEND of mine recently stu- pefied me with a very pecu- liar question. He asked me, "Who is this Chandra Levy chick that everyone keeps talking about?" After asking him if he had lived the past few months under a rock, he explained that he had spent the summer in the Middle East in a study abroad program and obviously had been a little cut off from the ever-so-significant events of life back here.

No joy in following 'not gay' tradition

STUPID traditions usually have stupid beginnings. The University does not have a shortage of similar meaningless traditions, but the fact that they've earned the title of being "traditions" doesn't make them any less stupid. All University traditions have an endearing little anecdotal beginning that is passed through generations and ingrained in the students' way of life.

Shifting spotlight from Clinton to new chief

IT REALLY is time to move on. A former president who attracts controversy like honey attracts bees is certainly front page material for The National Enquirer, but even juicy gossip can get dry after it's been repeatedly beaten to a dead pulp.

Many misinterpret media sex study

WARNING: This column contains a three lettered word beginning with the letter "s" and ending in "ex." If you are in any way offended by such content, please adhere to this warning and continue at your own risk.

Voters' criticisms keep leaders on their toes

SIMPLY put, I hate the Republican Party. No matter how well Bush's administration does in the next four years, I will always find Dubya a little slow, and Vice President Dick Cheney a little fat.

Gore concession can restore system

LOSING bites. There is no politically correct euphemism for it, it simply means that one person is the winner, and the rest are losers. Vice President Al Gore has lost the election, but by all standards of fairness, he is not a sore loser; he is a politician.

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