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Jacqueline Justice

Ben Howard’s latest effort offers divergent, but honest work

Successful musicians are usually known for a specific quality ? an “X” factor. For Ben Howard, his insightful lyrics bring up questions of life, love and self-realization, setting him apart from the monotony of dull lyrics littering the pop charts.This trait are on full display in Howard's latest album, “I Forgot Where We Were,” which dropped Oct.

Mentally ill in literature

Some of the most memorable characters in classic American literature suffer from severe mental illness — Benjy Compson, Edna Pontellier, Holden Caulfield and Lennie Small.

Emergency Poetry

The popularity of Humanities Week event “Emergency Poetry” far exceeded expectations. The Bryan Hall faculty lounge was jam-packed Monday night, full of students across a variety of majors waiting to hear their favorite professors read their “emergency poems” after rain moved the event inside. “I was bummed that the event had to be moved inside but it was kind of amazing to see how many people were willing to cram into that tiny room and choose to listen to poems being read,” third-year College student Ashley Shamblin said.

Tackling slavery with the International Justice Mission

How are we supposed to react to the realization of an irrefutable injustice, one which is difficult to recognize, comprehend and ultimately change? The University’s International Justice Mission (IJM) chapter doesn’t have all the answers — but they do aim to make the injustice of international slavery well known, and offer feasible methods to address wrongdoing.

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