Joel Taubman


LETTER: Context for the mock wall

In cities, traffic is normal. Anyone driving up 29 during rush hour knows traffic. Anyone who has been to DC, New York, London, Rome, Tokyo or Jerusalem knows traffic.

TAUBMAN: A tarnished ideal

The myth of unbiased reporting is absurd. It represents an ideal, one that papers supposedly unaffiliated with partisan views must strive to maintain.

Sanctioning for safety

When I say Iran is the most dangerous country in the world, many think I am trying to beat a war drum.

The wrong signals

THERE is a country in the Middle East that lately has been flouting the will of the international community.

A bounced fact check

It is outrageously difficult to get a Jewish engineering student with unfinished problem sets to write something on the eve of one of the holiest days of Jewish calendar.

The highest court

On Friday, Sam Carrigan wrote a piece ("Accountability at the highest level") arguing that our legal system was not being applied to our leaders as it was to our citizens.

In defense of foreign policy

LIBERTARIANS have the clearest foreign policy of any group in the public sphere. This policy is derived from what Economics Prof.

An independent distraction

Student Council hosted a debate Monday between Democratic incumbent Rep. Tom Perriello and independent Tea Party candidate Jeffrey Clark.

Broadening the discourse

I admire The Cavalier Daily's Ombudsman, Tim Thornton, for unabashedly stumping for The Cavalier Daily ("Getting the message across," Oct.