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John Clark

Seven reasons against "consensus"

UNIVERSITY students have energetically debated the single sanction for decades. Yet never have single sanction critics come close to repealing or mitigating the requirement of expulsion upon findings of an honor violation. Nonetheless, die-hard sanction supporters feel compelled to permanently insulate the sanction from current and future debate.

A third year too many

LAW STUDENTS whine a lot. It's what they're trained to do. But if you hear a Law student in his third and final year complaining, "I'm so bored with class," "There's nothing good on daytime T.V." or "I'm so hung over," take pity -- not since purgatory has there been a worse use of time as the year "3L." The third year of law school is little more than a seventh year of liberal arts education, albeit with electives that have something, somehow, to do with "the law." Another year of theoretically lofty thinking isn't itself bad.


REFERENDUM Number 3 -- the so-called "consensus clause" -- is the single most dangerous threat to student self-governance to appear on a student ballot.

The Last Bastion

IT TAKES a special kind of place to drive me as crazy as the University has. The same goes for The Cavalier Daily. For the last few years, it's been part of my job to hunt down the worst aspects of the University.

Weather creates problems for employees

After a week of snow, sleet and icy roads, the Labor Action Group has brought to attention new concerns of workers at the University during the winter season. According to Labor Action Group members, University work policy forces workers to take time off from their accrued leave if they can not deal with commuting conditions or if they must take care of children when local schools are canceled.

Police launch new program to increase alcohol awareness

University Police and the Center for Alcohol and Substance Education have targeted first-year students as the focus of new education and enforcement campaigns against underage drinking. Made possible by a $6,000 grant from the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, University Police have purchased new educational equipment and allocated funds to substance education groups to help deter high-risk drinking. "The grant really supports work with the police department," CASE Interim Director Alison Houser said.

Fraternities, sororities report consistent rush participation

Despite brutal winter weather and contention over formal fraternity rush's move to the spring, both fraternity and sorority officials have reported spring rush numbers consistent with past years. According to Inter-Fraternity Council Treasurer Tim Roscoe, the IFC has formally registered 491 men interested in participating in rush. However, IFC President Wes Kaupinen said the registration numbers may be low compared to the actual number of men visiting houses because not all rushees registered before Open House weekend. "The IFC is encouraged by the strong turnout we've seen so far," Kaupinen said.

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