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Julie Inglis

Festival features top-notch chamber music

The University's McIntire Department of Music wrapped up its Chamber Music Festival Sunday. Instead of sprinkling various chamber performances throughout the year, the department consolidated four performances into one week-long festival, making January an unusually eventful month for music. "The month of January is the slowest time usually for concerts so it's the perfect opportunity [to have a festival]," Festival Director Ayn Balija said. Because each of the event's four concerts presented different instrumental groupings and styles, the festival also provided much-needed musical variety to a month which typically offers none. The wide range of pieces performed throughout the festival was nothing short of incredible.

These days, most TV shows are only average - they are a little too predictable or maybe just a bit boring.


I discovered the BBC's TV series Merlin by accident. While flipping through shows on Hulu, I happened to see a link with a picture of a dark-haired boy on it.

Storybook endings

Fairy tales are back in vogue. With Kristen Stewart's upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) and Amanda Seyfried's 2011 flick Little Red Riding Hood, re-told fairy tales are hot commodities in the film industry, and that popularity has trickled down to television.

On board with Opera Viva

The University's Opera Viva - one of the only student-run opera companies in the nation - performed its 10th production, H.M.S.

Caught in a jam

Attention all bluegrass music lovers: If you walk by Old Cabell Hall between 8 and 10 p.m. Wednesdays, you can catch a jam session of bluegrass musicians. The group is spearheaded by Music Department Chair Richard Will, a bluegrass fiddler and a specialist in American folk music.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks a TV show called Revenge sounds like a blood-and-guts action series.

Dancing With the Stars

Many people roll their eyes when this show is mentioned. Others shake their heads or laugh. These same people probably tune in as a guilty pleasure when they think they are completely alone.

Critic darling

At the end of last semester, I made a discovery that changed the way I spent my study breaks for finals: NBC's brilliant comedy 30 Rock.

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