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Kate Granruth

Here are three books to read this month, curated by the A&E staff.

A&E Book Club: Three books to read this month

April showers bring May flowers, and even though we will have to admire those eventual flowers from a safe distance while self-isolating, we can outlast April showers by curling up with a good book and a hot drink.

Writer, academic and activist Roxane Gay delivered the keynote address for the 2020 Community MLK Celebration at the Paramount Theater Jan. 23. 

Inelasticity, echo-chambers — and edibles

“I am a realist who longs for utopia,” Gay said — a statement that encompasses the struggle of wanting to compromise with those of different beliefs and not wanting to be complacent in oppression.

These music videos were a better cinematic experience than a lot of the 2020 Oscar contenders.

Movies? That’s so last decade

I’m starting to think it’s no coincidence that Oscars season and flu season have so much overlap — a kick em’ while they’re already down situation. 

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The saliva testing program is primarily intended to catch and stop potential outbreaks in the community through identification of asymptomatic carriers

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