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LaJoy Faith Thomas

E-tailer offers healthful alternative

When parents send store-bought care packages during exam season, they now have the option to swap Snickers bars for green tea and other health-conscious goodies with the new online care package company, The brainchild of Marga Odahowski, associate director of Student Health, the company aims to provide students and parents with alternatives to the standard care package fare by paying close attention to mental and physical health. Each package, ranging in price from $35 to $78, is filled with spirited bits and pieces to enhance the mind, body and spirit and arrives in a reusable canvas bag.

Allocations may compromise quality

While U.S. News & World Report may have ranked the University number two in the nation among public universities, and number 22 overall, but when it comes to total expenditures of financial resources, the University is ranked at number 62. According to U.S.

Victim reports robbery near 11th Street lot

A female University Health System employee reported she was robbed at gunpoint in an 11th Street parking lot early Wednesday morning. The off-duty nurse from the X-ray department said she was robbed around 1 a.m.. "She was walking to her car, and a black male pulled a gun on her and took her purse" said Charlottesville Police Sergeant Greg Davis. The suspect fled the scene on foot with the victim's purse, which contained less than $1 and some other items, said Charlottesville Police Sergeant Jim Pace. No injuries were reported. Charlottesville Police described the suspect as a "young black male in his twenties" about "5 foot 8 with medium build," Pace said.

Off-Grounds housing sprawl may contribute to 'slumization' of city

College students move in, rents go up and middle-class families move out: A scene that has been played over in college towns across the nation and in the city of Charlottesville, according to Charlottesville Mayor Virginia Daugherty. University students who seek off-Grounds housing are a potential cause of "slumization," a phenomenon that once affected cities like Chicago and New Haven, Conn., the hometowns of the University of Chicago and Yale, repectively, as a result of college students who can pay higher rents encroaching on formerly middle-class areas, Daugherty said.

Candidates show similar views on issues

As State Senate hopeful Jane Maddux (R) attempts to beat out incumbent Sen. Emily Couric, D-Charlottesville, her campaign is focusing on distinguishing herself from Couric, who is showing up much stronger in the polls. Couric has shown remarkable support, even though the ultimate goals of the two candidates are strikingly similar. Bettering education, lowering taxes, protecting the environment and reforming healthcare are some of the main promises made by both candidates. So what sets them apart? "The main difference is the philosophical difference on how much government should be involved in your life.

University students wear out plastic, face costs

As credit card companies entice students with everything from free t-shirts to college-themed shot glasses, some state officials say students are sometimes signing up for a cycle of debt when they sign up for new credit cards. Credit cards can be useful financial tools because they offer the convenience of knowing an item can be purchased now and paid for later.

FSC to house unique Greek groups

The recent formation of a new umbrella organization for Greek societies has opened doors for some unique prospective sororities and fraternities. The Fraternity and Sorority Council, a new Contracted Independent Organization, was granted CIO status last Tuesday by Student Council.

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