Lee Williams


Batten, architecture schools host sustainable urban policy panel

The Batten School and the Architecture School co-hosted a panel entitled “Sustainable Urban Policy and Smart Cities” Tuesday evening. The panel consisted of various professors from the Urban and Environmental Planning department, the Architecture School and a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit, SPUR.

LGBTQ Center holds discussion on race and sexuality

The University’s LGBTQ Center and Teach for America’s LGBTQ initiative co-sponsored a discussion Tuesday on the new television musical drama “Empire” and how it presents cultural issues concerning sexuality and race. The discussion also addressed broader applications of these issues in a real-life context.

Virginia House bill caps student athletics fees

The House of Delegates passed a bill on Friday, Jan 23 which will cap the percentage of student fees supporting athletics in all Virginia higher-level-education institutions. House Bill 1897 — sponsored by Del. Kirk Cox, R-Colonial Heights — requires schools to limit student fees funding their athletic department budgets.

University faculty respond to Rolling Stone article released Wednesday

Amid a sea of protests, University faculty have been active participants in the dialogue permeating Grounds which critically analyzes the University's culture and policies surrounding sexual assault. In addition to organizing a rally Saturday night on Beta Bridge, faculty from a swath of departments have issued statements and held discussions to help promote constructive change on Grounds, after a Rolling Stone article published last week thrust the University community into the national spotlight over the administration's handling of sexual assault cases.