Lindsay Wilkins


G-Eazy talks what’s next for his career

In anticipation of his new album release “When It’s Dark Out” and world tour with A$AP Ferg, Arts and Entertainment had the chance to talk with G-Eazy, one of America’s most prominent up-and-coming hip-hop artists. “When It’s Dark Out” is set to release December 4th, 2015.

The Oh Hellos make Virginia headlining debut

Comprising Texas folk rock duo The Oh Hellos, Maggie and Tyler Heath are making their way to The Jefferson Nov. 3 shortly after the release of their highly anticipated new album “Dear Wormwood.”

Jessie J’s latest album: does it deliver a bang?

Pop sensation Jessie J is the soulful, scratchy voice you hear on the radio and think, “Dang, that girl has pipes.” Her latest album “Sweet Talker” lends itself to that notion, compiling tracks of what will surely be (when Ryan Seacrest decides they are worthy of his precious Top 40 station) top-of-the-charts hits.Most notably, the album includes mega-hit “Bang Bang,” featuring Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, but continues building a collection of possible radio gems with tracks like “Burnin’ Up”, featuring rapper 2 Chainz, and “Ain’t Been Done.”Granted, these first six tracks or so are not what one would classify as really good music, but they are really catchy.

UVa’s Chapel welcomes The Hill and Wood

Charlottesville's most avid folk fans filled the University Chapel Sunday to hear local indie-folk band The Hill and Wood.The concert kicked off with songwriter Sarah White, a native act whose voice is reminiscent of fellow folk artist Brandi Carlile.

U.Va. for (Matt) Hires

Independent artist Matt Hires performed in Charlottesville Thursday night in his third stop in a series of house shows.

Corey Smith Band returns to familiar crowd

Georgia-based country singer Corey Smith and his band, who all have a long tradition of Charlottesville performances, returned Friday night to put on a show for their strong University fanbase. Arts & Entertainment had the opportunity to talk with Corey ahead of the show to find out what was in store at Jefferson Theatre and hear about his upcoming album release.