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Mary Kurbanov

Anthony Guevara, widely followed TikTok creator and fourth-year College student, notes the hitches of a potential University TikTok ban.

Unpacking America’s potential TikTok ban and the RESTRICT Act that may follow

Congress has recently found a way to put their bipartisan issues aside — banning TikTok. As one of the most used social media and entertainment platforms to date, with over one billion users scrolling through a highly personalized every day, the company’s ties to China and its grasp on American youth has caused lawmakers from all backgrounds to worry. 

The Marías' latest album "Cinema" is an ode to their love of film.

It’s time to go to the CINEMA

The Marías continue to plunge deeper into the genre of indie pop. Their passion, drive and boldness are notable throughout the album and add a sense of depth to each individual track. 

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